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Why I Have Changed My MIND About KKD…It Seems There Was RAPE!


Dear Chris-Vincent,

First of all, I would like to apologise to anyone who I have offended with my KKD defence tactics since the alleged KKD rape case saga emerged and importantly to you; because I commented on several of your articles rubbishing a possibility that Kwesi Kyei Darkwah could have rapped the 19 year old.

At that time, I thought I was right and the position I held was based on available information. What I did wrong then was the fact that, I did not leave any room for scepticism and I mean, I did not allow myself to think that, such a fine gentleman could have done so to a young woman.

I think my utmost respect for the man and his achievements clouded my judgement to the extent that I couldn’t bring myself to consider any possibility that he could have done what was being alleged.

But in the last few days and having come across new information, I have changed my mind. I am not saying for sure he did what is being alleged since it’s not in my position to pronounce such judgement—but I have changed the certain nature of my position and today, I believe; he could have done it.

From the new information of the 19 year old girl being a virgin to KOD (another one) being in the room and having somehow increased the volume of a television set to prevent the struggles and screams of the young girl being heard—it seems there was a rape.

If indeed the girl came out of the bathroom with tears which was cleaned by KOD as being speculated and if indeed the medical report showed that the girls hymen was forcefully broken that night—and also if KOD was present and increased the volume of a television set or radio, then surely, there was some foul play going on in that bathroom.

Maybe it’s time for the law to throw into jail some of the most dangerous men in our world today disguised as celebrities preying on young innocent girls—and being protected by their status.

I hope the new emerging evidence will have that ‘real’ impact on the case and help bring to light what actually happened that night. And whoever committed a crime should face the music with whatever accomplice.

Thank You.

Maurice Owusu / USA…


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9 thoughts on “Why I Have Changed My MIND About KKD…It Seems There Was RAPE!”

      • King Kweku, you are wrong. I am Canadian. A maple syrup guzzling beaver. Not a smelly yank!! Besides do you think I will write something as soft and pathetic as that? I don’t think this guy is real. Someone is conning Chris. Did anyone see his postings defending KKD on this board? Another Ghanaian trying to pretend there is a collective change of heart by ardent supporters of facts. You know how some Christians make up stories about Darwin and Thomas Paine? That on his death bed he accepted Christ and confessed? That is exactly what this puff is trying to do. Let him show us the posting where he defended KKD. By the way I didn’t defend KKD, I said the evidence as it existed doesn’t prove rape.

    • I don’t think that’s him unless he has been lying about his location. He has repeatedly wrote that he lives in Canada, but this particular writer lives in the USA.

  1. It is said, seeing is believing, and for this, video does not lie. From the CCTV video footage, I’m asking how did Ewura Efe’s cousin and KOD get ahead in the hotel room of KKD?. The “day old love birds” were seen alone on camera from the lobby to the hotel and back.


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