5 SOLID Proofs That Nadia Buari Has A Hidden Child

2. The Multiple Independent Reports Confirm She Has A Child

It’s difficult for multiple media outlets to collude to propagate falsehood, especially when they are totally different and their editors are far apart. If you have multiple independent media houses reporting or making a common suggestion, then surely something must be up there worth checking.

Apart from GhanaCelebrities.Com which has on many occasions insisted Nadia Buari has a child, NewsOne (Daily Guide) and several media houses have all written about this hidden baby of Nadia Buari in the past—and what they seem to agree on is not just that the baby exists but also on her age.

Daily Guide in 2009 wrote “A bird has whispered to this paper that the lead character in the movie, ‘Beyonce’ has a 5-year-old daughter whom she has been keeping away from the public lens.

The little girl’s identity is not yet known but the very reliable source said Nadia had the girl with a Holland-based Ghanaian.”


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  1. Hmmmm wat can we say…. Chris let it go already it’s her right wat she decides wen it comes to her child or her life … so I think we should leave it, stop digging too much if it’s time to know about an existing child we will all know but untill then let this matter rest.

  2. “what do i think?” I think y’all should let her be. Is it a crime to have a baby/child and want to keep him/her from the public’s eye?
    I personally would have loved it if she comes clean about it but thats what she has chosen. Allow her to live as she want.

  3. so what if she has a hidden child ? does she look up to you to feed the child ? if the child has no father then how is it possible Nadia gave birth to it ? or nadia has become the virgin mary ? dond you have your hidden secrets yourseleves ? please stop these your silly attitudes .

  4. therez absolutely nothing wrong, if Mizz Nadia had a baby as a teenager…there are loads of people who had kids at an early age and yet have gone on to do well in terms of education and career wise….furthermore therez nothing wrong in shielding the child from the public b’cuz, the child didn’t choose her mum’s job. Miss Nadia, if indeed it’s true that u have a child, just acknowledge it.. bcuz it’s not really nice to keep denying your own flesh and blood….remember your child is growing and she might be told or read articles about your denial. After all u still went to Uni whether u have a kid or not and plus u can mentor and give hope to other teenage mothers……….

  5. Chris, wat is it with dis “continue reading” thing? Oh pls its soo annoying. Can you just put all on a page like b4? And also wats “share on fb, tweeter etc.” to see da rest” mmtcheww

  6. Chris or whatever u call yourself. Please leave nadia alone. She’s not the only woman with a child and there’s nothing wrong with it. Children are blessing to human kind. Stop digging into her life trying to make it seems like she did something horrible. She’s a nice beautiful woman. You Chris needs to really work hard for relevant stories. Most of ur article are full of crap. If u don’t have anything better to write then shut this damn site down.

  7. So we write an article for you to read and you cannot just take a minute to share it? That is annoying for you? The only support we ask from you is to share before you read the full story that we spent hours to work on and you are complaining?

    Wow…I see!

    It’s not on all the articles so you have to read the ones you don’t have to share to read the full story then—I think it is reasonable that we ask you to do something little in return for what we do here.

    You don’t think so?