British Woman Trashed Husband’s £100,000 Porsche, Put Laxatives In His Drink, Cut Up His Clothes – And Fought Him Tooth And Nail For Control Of Her Bra Company Because He Cheated…

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Michelle Mone
Michelle Mone

One of Britain’s business tycoon women-Michelle Mone has revealed what she did when she found her husband cheating in her book; My Fight To The Top—and what she did is pretty shocking.

Cheating men (husband or boyfriend) is not no news but the way some women react is where the news lies—and in Michelle Mone case, she even went CRIMINAL.

The Ultimo bra tycoon writes; “Back in Scotland my grief turned to anger. After texting Michael to tell him that he had been caught red-handed, I grabbed a knife and went to town on his beloved Porsche, scratching it to shreds.

Then I charged round to the guesthouse where Sam was living — thanks to the kindness which she had betrayed — and threw all of her possessions into the garden, the dressing table along with them. I was like a banshee. I then kept calling Sam’s phone until she picked up

You b****, you lied to me,’ I screamed.

‘It’s not like that,’ she stuttered. ‘It only started a few days ago.’

‘You’re a liar and you’re fired,’ I blasted.

When Michael got back from Hong Kong, the first thing he raged about was his Porsche.

‘My f***ing car,’ he yelled. ‘You’ll pay for that.’

‘You’re lucky I didn’t set fire to it,’ I replied.”

Michelle adds; . “I put laxatives in his coffee on the day that he and Sam were going to a wedding — God only knows if that worked. Michael probably did things to me too because quite a lot of my stuff went missing, but somehow we remained under the same roof for eight months before agreeing to alternate weeks at the house.

On the day I moved out to a hotel for his first week I crept up to the master bedroom, pulled back the luxurious throw and threw a bucket of cold water over his side of the bed before replacing the covers.”

Now the issue is, men can be an a$$ sometimes but must a woman go to this length if she catches her man cheating? What would you do if you catch your man or woman towing the cheating line?

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