TOP 10 Most Influential Ghanaian Music Artists of All Time | Samini In…Shatta Wale Out


Kojo Antwi
Kojo Antwi

4. Kojo Antwi

Afrafranto e, yeyeye, odi n’ahofe akyekyere me e yoyoyo. For those who don’t understand, it means, hey u sexy butterfly, you have bound me up like a mummy with your beauty, yeah that’s what it means or something like that but it sounds more profound if you understand Twi.

This guy I must say I’m very biased towards. I mean there’s too much to say about this guy. Another legend! He says he doesn’t do highlife which I agree with, he set the ball rolling for our contemporary artistes to describe everything they sing as Afro-pop.

Kojo inspired this genre in Ghana and I am so proud to share a nationality with him. His official website describes his music as ‘a tasty blend of Ghana’s Highlife and Africa’s Soukous stirred with well-composed, heartfelt lyrics inspired by everyday life. His unique rhythms and melodies are brewed in the African Pot and spiced with elements of the Caribbean’s Lovers’ Rock and African-America’s Rhythm and Blues.’

With close to 15 albums, numerous Ghana Music Awards and nominations as well as recognition all over the continent as well, in the form of awards and nominations, including the 2003 Kora music award for best West Africa Artist and a nomination during the 2010 BET Awards Best African Act, there is no stopping anytime soon.

He was the celebrated artiste during the 2014 Legends and Legacy Ball Honours in Accra. His 24th December annual show is always a sell out. His music is very rich with well written, produced and composed songs. Songs like Bo mi nkomo de, ‘Me Dware, Dade Anomomaa, Emere bi beba, Ba sumo mi, Tom and Jerry will help you identify this great musician.


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6 thoughts on “TOP 10 Most Influential Ghanaian Music Artists of All Time | Samini In…Shatta Wale Out”

  1. Please Gcc. I don’t know why you’re making this site complicated, why all this scattered photos? Including the continue options? Please it’s boring wai! I believe the old style wasn’t bad!

  2. Given your introduction on what it means to be influential, Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi should be 1 and 2 straight up. Maybe interchangeable but 1 and 2. I don’t care about the rest.

  3. I listen to Shatta’s songs n a fan, (not a die hard fan tho) but I don’t see nothing wrong with him not being on this list cs I still think he’s yet to be influential?

  4. I totally agree with this list, Akwasi your understanding of music is quite broad, I think the title is misleading because Shatta Wale has no business in such a list. He might be in the 30’s if there was a 30-man list


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