Adulterous South African Couple Gets Stuck After Seks


A South African man and woman who ignored the numerous warnings of the ladies’ husband to stop cheating found themselves in dire straits when they were unable to disengage after doing the deed.

I’m sure we’ve all seen dogs in this situation before, well if you live in Ghana anyway. I cannot begin to fathom how embarrassing it must be for a man and woman to be caught in this situation.

South Africa’s Daily Sun reported this happened in Yeoville, Johannesburg and attracted a large crowd of onlookers. Police were needed to disperse the crowd on site whilst paramedics were needed to cart the unlucky couple away for treatment.

Residents told the daily the woman was heard screaming, and that initially everyone thought it was just the normal screams of s*xual pleasure. After it went on for a while, they realised it must be screams for help.

A security guard in the building and others tried to physically pry them apart, but it was to no avail. Residents believe a spell has been used to lock them together, which is a tactic used to catch cheating lovers in the act.

Apparently the woman’s husband has been suspecting his wife of cheating for a while now, and she has ignored all warnings to stop; therefore they believe he used this measure to catch them in the act.

The funny part; the man has travelled to his native Zimbabwe, and it is believed he is the only one who can separate the pair.

I don’t believe a word of that but it’s funny how circumstances can manifest to feed people’s superstitions. Whatever else this should let you think twice the next time you’re cheating on your partner- LOL


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