VIDEO: The Religious Nonsense | Watch This & Tell Me If I Am Wrong About Religion

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I’ve always argued that if you want the wisest man in the room to become the dumbest, don’t bother hallucinating the person, just employ religion—and you would be shocked by the level of achievable stupidity.

Of course religion is barbaric or acts so; and yet the many who engage in the diverse religious practices do not find it so. I have to keep reminding  myself I have not time travelled to the 4th century whenever I come across such videos. What in God’s name will allow human beings with brains to take part in such water and powder bath if not the ignorance of religion?

Apart from how disgusting and stupid the act looks, I think it is unhealthy to have another wash his hair, face and all that into your mouth or face—as if you are some cotton head. Maybe, some of these people truly are cotton heads—and most religions people take part in various level of absurdity like this each day.

If the church is not taking your hard earned money, it’s making you act like a big fool—and mostly those doing the acting cannot see it. Even if a bystander spots it and mentions it, he gets slapped with blasphemy. So it keeps going…

Anyway, check out the video below… (It make take a few minutes to load)… 


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