WTF: So A Man Has the RIGHT to Rape Me Because I Am Wearing A Short Skirt? | Can We End that Conversation Now?


I am one of the many contemporary women who careless about morality for the reason that, women should not be expected to be moral gods while men live whatever life they want.

If morality is so important, then it should apply to everyone—not just women and women should not be expected to do anything than men wouldn’t be expected to do.

On the moral ladder, many even think women shouldn’t drink, smoke or want to kiss a man on just meeting the person—yet men are allowed to do all these things without any prejudice or judgment. Do not get me upset by arguing that men are superior human beings or something like that with such distorted moral expectations.

As a GhanaCelebrities.Com contributor and reader, I came across a readers’ mail titled “Are The Ladies in the KKD Alleged Rape Case Naive Or DUMB?’ and pathetically, it was written by a woman who thinks the moral standards or stupidity of the KKD rape victim matter…

Any argument along the lines that, she should have known better by not following KKD into the hotel room or a woman should have known better not to accept drinks or kiss from a stranger translate into; the fact that a woman is morally corrupt (does not care about certain moral standards) means a man has the RIGHT to violate her integrity by raping her.

What kind of absurd arguments are we making out here? If the women were dumb, naïve, stupid, drunk, star struck, childish or whatever—none of these matters when it comes to rape because none gives any man the right to rape or attempt to kiss a woman.

You want to question the moral standards of women when it comes to rape or in this circumstance, yet you do not want to condemn the moral standards of men who meet women they don’t know from Adam and proceed to want to sleep with them—and even in doing so, fail to use condoms.

You want to discuss morality without considering the position for a man who is old enough to be the father or a woman, luring the woman with some promise into a hotel bathroom and proudly accepting that he had ‘consensual’ sex with such a young woman capable of being his daughter.

Anyone who wants to accuse the women of being dumb or morally corrupt is indirectly arguing that, because these women lack what society regards as moral uprightness, it gives some equally morally corrupt men the right to abuse them.

When it comes to rape; there is no BUT. What the person was wearing is irrelevant, what the person did is irrelevant and certainly, the person’s part does not also matter. What is important is; the person’s right to decide either to allow s*x or not was taken away from her—the person’s dignity and integrity were violated.

Let’s end this moral arguments and evaluation of circumstances because it does not really matter. Such discussions only go further to entrench our societal inequality which expects more from women and less or nothing from men.

No matter your religious or moral teachings, when it comes to rape; what matters is CONSENT—and every other thing should be thrown into the trash can.  It’s really heart breaking if you read women making such absurd arguments…

Morality my backside!


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