CONFIRMED: Nadia Buari Gives Birth to TWINS | Could Jim Iyke Be the Father?

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Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

Rumours that Nadia Buari was pregnant some few months ago has turned out to be true and the Ghanaian actress has given birth to twins—that explains her absence from public sphere and social media.

Nadia Buari’s adopted father- Alhaji Sidiku Buari confirmed the news to this morning, saying, It’s true. She brought forth twins alright, that is true. I’m confirming [it] as the father.”

Alhaji Sidiku Buari also stated that Nadia Buari gave birth outside Ghana but he wouldn’t mention the country—however, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told, Nadia Buari gave birth in the United States…

The twins means Nadia Buari currently has 3 children—with the first being the baby she had when she was a teenager way back before she became famous.

As to who the father of the twins are; it certainly does not look like it’s Jim Iyke, her last official man—and whoever it is, we will fetch him out soon.

Congrats to Nadia Buari!

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When it comes to Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke, GhanaCelebrities.Com learnt in May 2014 that Nadia Buari ended her relationship with Jim Iyke, citing his bad temper as the main reason.

Sources close to Nadia Buari at the time said, even though the actress tried to cope and handle Jim Iyke’s temper, she felt like she cannot change Jim and there was no point in hanging in there. In fact, our sources mentioned that, Nadia Buari had more arguments and fights with Jim Iyke than any sort of decent conversation…

“The relationship has ended and if you see them together again, then they are trying hard to play the media. She just can’t take his temper anymore so she has ended it. It is not worth it for her and all that she thought Jim could do for her career did not also materialize” one of our sources said.

Could it be possible that Nadia Buaru was pregnant before ending the relationship? Or did she go straight into another with a new guy considering the fact that it mostly takes 9 months for a baby?

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  1. Nadia had been pregnant all these while without you guys knowing. All the pics she was putting on social media was just to deceive you guys to take your eyes off the reality. I know where she lives in the states and seen her several times. She lives very close to my friend. Anytime I see an instagram pic of her on this site I laugh out loud. All those pics were kinda old. I once tried to take a pix of her from afar but wasn’t clear and if you care to know the father, watch out… Nadia, congrats.

          1. Just wondering why you’d even bring it up when you were not going to finish what you were saying. What’s the point?

  2. Congrats madam…always keep your personal life off from the Internet….shame on those who has been throwing ridiculous comments on why she isn’t married and having her age..this generation of ours if you ain flaunting it on the Internet/ social media people automatically think you are lacking….congrats dear….married or not…she’s been blessed

    1. This only happens when people praise a short midget who claims to be a Laywer, who claims to know everything, also knows how to brainwash his readers. Same short midget was bashing nadia, how she was not getting rolls etc is as shock as his own height

      I guess your next step is to beg people and find out who the daddy is, and changing it into “information reaching us” aboa mu aboa gutter Kwaseampani bermaa

  3. I often wonder why celebrities like Mercy Johnson and Nadia Buari have their children in the States or in the UK. Why cannot they have their children in their home countries? Has Ghana become that bad that you have to have your children else where.

    1. Yup! They need better countries for their kids. And anchor baby is always good. It can get you your papers faster.

      1. But having an anchor baby in the U.S. is bad as it is. And people in the States, from the people around me, really dislike it. Some often wonder why they cannot move here permanently and do it the legal way—getting papers and applying for an American citizenship or a Green Card.

        Isn’t that cheating the system?

        1. Of course it’s cheating!! But do you think Ghanaians, Mexicans, philippinos care? They want to be in the US by hook or crook. It is better in their minds than anywhere else and if theu can jump the queue so be it. These kids are americans and wouldn’t need to suffer like their African counterparts. They can travel to the US and other places of the world without visas. No vindictive Ghanaian gatemen at the embassies in Ghana will abuse them because the want a visa. So they’ve given their kids a good start.

          1. It’s wrong though! And it’s very unfair to the others who do it the legal way. I somewhat understand why some Americans are angry about the 13th Amendment loophole.

          2. Yes it is wrong. But the world is unfair. Americans have been unfair to most of the world. So they should take it. Yes they have the right to be angry but the rest of the world has the right to ignore them.Just like they ignore the rest of the world in most issue. Innocent Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans and afghanis who weren’t terrorists were unfairly treated by the Americans. The 14th amendment is their penance. Look sometimes anchor babies grow up to be virulent defender of the right wing establishment and spew garbage to defend American aggression. Google Michelle Malkin.

          3. Well, the Republicans are going to win the 2016 elections and for some reason, they’ll maybe change their 14th Amendment law to that of Australia(if you have a child there and you’re not a citizen or married to a citizen, then your child is not a citizen).

            But regardless of what they have done, it’s unfair to them to do that in their country. Ghana can make itself good but some people keep voting for corrupt leaders and that is why certain people are saying that Ghana is only going backwards and not forward.

            As it is, I’m disappointed that people are using such tactics to gain a stay. Anchor babies here(the ones that I’ve run into at my university) are frowned upon.

          4. Let them frown. It wouldn’t stop it. Republicans will not have the numbers to change the amendment. If they do states like Nevada, Arizona, California and the rest will go their own way. Besides it’s quiet rich for modern day americans to whine about anchor babies. All the americans today are descendants of anchor babies from the native American perspective. Show me the immigration office of the native americans who granted the visas to these so called americans. White Australians were mostly descendants of eurotrash/criminals and are as entitled to the land as the boers were to south Africa. They have some nerve demanding visa from others wanting to emigrate there. The continent was populated before they got there but being typical Europeans with criminal tendencies, the took over the whole continent from the natives.

          5. Anyways, they made the land what it is now and for that, they are entitled to do what they want in their own country. And I don’t think that outsiders can do much to stop that.

          6. Well the outsiders are only doing what the founders of the country did. Using legal and unlawful means to live there. Anchor babying is one way to get in there and be legal. Or cross the border like the Mexicans do and live illegally forever.

          7. But Lyn they don’t need anyone’s sympathy. They are legal and they are enjoying. Do you think they care? Visit Nevada or Arizona or California and see even if the illegals give a damn. Now you may be an American citizen but don’t try to shove it down their throats there because they’ll let you know who owns the place. legal or illegal. Try it in little Havana in Miami and see how American you are.

    2. They get welfare. lets face it, Nadia had her baby and we the tax payers funded it. She has not worked or contributed anything in the US yet she can apply for Obamacare.

      1. That’s not fair at all! No wonder many Americans want Obama out. I won’t be surprised if the Republicans win the 2016 elections.
        It’s not fair to the people who came and did everything the legal way(including my parents).

        1. oh please. Obamacare is a g8t idea but people r abusing it along with welfare. It should be for people who have worked and contributed. People fall into difficult times and need de help. But some people have made welfare into a business

          1. That’s the thing! People are abusing it and I would not be surprised if something happens where it’ll no longer be used.

  4. Hmmm, this is such good news! I pray that her children are healthy and she is in good health. But I wonder why she couldn’t have had her babies in Ghana.

        1. Well America preaches selfishness as a good virtue. So she’s just the unintended beneficiary. She’s doing what benefits her. You can’t fault her for that?

          1. How so?
            Anyways, it won’t be good for a children because they’ll now be known as Anchor babies.

          2. Do you think they’ll care? Foreigners have been called worse in America. Being an anchor baby is not the worse state of being. Believe me more will come. I don’t know Nadia’s intentions, but for majority of women in the third world, this is the best way to get to the US and become legal. Being jeered or called names will not hurt them. Besides there are other people in the US in worse form or state than these anchor babies.

          3. Why? You shouldn’t. There are many ways to skin a cat. Besides some of the worse people of the 20th Century became americans the legal way. Heard of the Nazi scientists? How about Israeli mossad? Even the russkies are there.

  5. awwwww congrats to her. Is such a blessing to have multiple babies. I can imagine the joy around her and entire family. Wish her the very best!!!