VIDEO: Thick Madamme On Trending Issues | Talks About the Nigerian Woman Seeking Divorce Because Her Husband’s ‘Joystick’ Is Too Big + Says That is Why Trying Before Marriage is Good + MORE

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Thick Madamme
Thick Madamme

Vlogger-Thick Madamme is back and this time, she takes on the trending story of a Nigerian woman who has asked a Sharia Court to dissolve her 1 week marriage because the ‘dingdong’ of her husband is too big…

It was reported yesterday that in an Islamic Sharia court in Nigeria, a married woman-Aisha Dannupawa has asked the court to dissolve her one week marriage because she could not stand the size of her husband’s manhood.

And Thick Madamme says this is another reason why sometimes trying it before marriage is a good idea—because you would definitely know what you are getting yourself into.

She had a lot to say, claiming to be a VIRGIN herself—as if we want to know.

Watch the video below…



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  1. You said it all. She’s taken the easy way out and there’s definitely something about the man she’s noticed and therefore is not interested in the relationship/marriage anymore!