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World Health Organisation Study Says Listening to Music For Over An Hour A Day Is Damaging To Your Hearing

listening to music
listening to music

Music has become such a prominent aspect of daily life these days, and one virtually cannot go an entire day without coming across it in some shape or form, willingly or unwillingly.

Especially the youth, who seem to go everywhere with a pair of ear/head phones plugged in. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a huge chunk of the world’s population is at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices.

They identified the highest risk zones as ‘nightclubs, bars, and sporting events’, according to the BBC.

Per the data gathered, the figure of young people worldwide at risk of hearing loss stands at 1.1 billion. That’s a staggering figure when you consider the study focused on people aged 12-35.

Aside the mentioned venues, the highest risk factor is personal audio devices; your phones, iPod’s, mp3 players in general.

Young people are using these devices increasingly as the days go by, and indiscriminate use is the biggest potential cause of hearing loss.

It is important to keep the volume low when using your device, but most importantly; listening to music should be limited to at most an hour per day.

“While it is important to keep the volume down, limiting the use of personal audio devices to less than one hour a day would do much to reduce noise exposure.”

That’s a rough recommendation, it is not by the minute, to give an idea to those spending 10 hours a day listening to an mp3-player.

But even an hour can be too much if the volume is too loud.”

So there you have it from the experts, keep the volume down and do not listen to music all day. It might look cool to go everywhere with phones plugged in but the impending hearing loss would not be so cool.

Now if only someone would show this study to those pestilent Ghanaian churches…


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