Jim Iyke is Not Happy for Nadia Buari? : GhanaCelebrities.Com Asked Jim Iyke Why He Had Not Tweeted to Congratulate Nadia Despite Tweeting A Lot of BS | He Replied Us & Quickly Deleted His Reply But We Had It Captured + MORE

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Jim Iyke
Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke’s name has been running around as the disappointed father of Nadia Buari’s twins—by this, we mean, the man who wanted to be the father but lost the race to whatever/whoever. And to be frank, we know when Nadia Buari decided to end things with the Nollywood star, he couldn’t believe his butt was being dumped—and as such, GhanaCelebrities.Com suspected he may have something to say about Nadia Buari’s birth.

In a rocket way, we went straight for Jim Iyke on twitter to ask why he had not congratulated Nadia Buari like the others have done though he has been active on the social media site tweeting a lot of BS and as always, he came back attacking. And then when he realized how lame his reply was, he quickly deleted it—but it was too late because we had it captured. After deleting the tweet, he also BLOCKED us…

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari became an odd item somewhere last two years but the relationship could not last. In May 2014, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported that Nadia Buari had ditched Jim Iyke, citing his anger as the main reason.

We wrote at the time; “For those who said the Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke’s relationship was not going to last, I am somehow sorry to say; you were RIGHT. Nadia Buari has ended her relationship with Jim Iyke, citing his bad temper as the main reason, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt.

According to our sources close to Nadia Buari, even though the actress tried to cope and handle Jim Iyke’s temper, she felt like she cannot change Jim and there was no point in hanging in there. In fact, our sources mentioned that, Nadia Buari had more arguments and fights with Jim Iyke than any sort of decent conversation…”

And surely, we can see the anger issues even from his tweet, followed by the blockage…

Check out what Jim Iyke had to say when we asked him about congratulating Nadia Buari + evidence that he has blocked us….

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  1. you guys always make a mountain out of a mole hill. You got the answer you rightly deserve for blatantly baiting him to say something STUPID.

  2. There’s nothing wrong about Jim’s answer. I would have done a lot worse. What Chis tweeted to him was disrespectful in the first place. Learn to respect people’s privacy ghanacelebrities.com

  3. Chris u are a stupid foolish idiot, u know why, cos if u did your research well, you would find out this is a retarded rumour. I saw nadia and jackie at majids mom funeral service in December 2014 and she had a flat stomach and not pregnant.

  4. Hihihi. Jim is so angry. He should have ignored you although you are really annoying. I think he us the same person here insulting you more. Jim oo, go and learn to be a responsible man otherwise all correct women will flee your worthles den. Boy bye!

  5. This question you asked was quite rude to begin with. And it is not his obligation if he does not feel like congratulating her. And you should not be going around, trying to agitate the man.

    If he chooses to ignore her, that’s his business. Although they were in a relationship, they are no more. So I see no reason why you should be asking him that. It sort of reminds me of the Chris Brown alleged baby situation rumour that is going on, and how some people keep on wanting to know what Rihanna thinks. Although they once dated, it’s not her business or place to be making comments because it’s between him and the woman.

  6. Well to be fair, you kinda did approach him on some bullshh yourself so you deserve the answer. Also it’s a private matter between nadia and Jim, if he doesn’t want to congratulate her he’s not obliged to tell you why. Stop being petty.

    1. Exactly! It doesn’t matter that they were once in a relationship. It’s over and done, and he isn’t obligated to congratulate her.

  7. I think u deserved the answer u got, like seriously did u read ur tweet ? its so Rude of u guys, am glad he gave the right answer u deserved. wtf…u guys are so imature