PHOTOS: The Last Time Nadia Buari Was Spotted in Public Was in December | Now Tell Us If She Looks Pregnant

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Nadia Buari and mother
Nadia Buari and mother

The last time actress-Nadia Buari made a public appearance in Ghana was on 5th December, 2014 at the funeral of Majid Michel’s late mother-Paulina Afi Olabode Olympio.

The funeral was attended by Nadia Buari, her mother and several other Ghanaian Celebrities including Yvonne Nelson, Fred Nuamah, John Dumelo, Van Vicker and Funny Face.

Though Nadia Buari wore a relative loose dress (something like a maternity), GhanaCelebrities.Com has spoken to several of the people who attended the funeral and the say; she didn’t look like someone who was 7 months or more pregnant.

GhanaCelebrities.Com decided to revisit Nadia Buari’s last public appearance because certain social media talkers are saying, Nadia Buari and her father who announced the birth of Nadia’s twins could be lying…

Now check below for the photos from Majid’s mother’s funeral and tell us if Nadia looks pregnant. Where are the pregnancy detectors?

We think she was pregnant that is why she dressed that way…

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    1. I agree with you. With her wearing the abaya and sitting in that position. But then again, there is a possibility that her belly had not gotten so big then.

      1. You are absolutely right. I also observe that she gained weight during her pregnancy. Look at the pictures she took with Jim Iyke and compare them to this one.

        1. Yeah you’re definitely right! Her face in this picture looked fuller and rounder. And I’ve seen the pictures of her and Jim Iyke. And she was very toned and fit in those pictures, but we never know.

          I’m going off of some other articles I read online saying that Jim and Nadia broke up about 11 months ago(According to the articles’ sources, the ones saying it are from Nadia’s friends).


    1. Lmao… you are a psychic. How do you know I was going say the same thing? Knowing GC, I’m very confident an article like that will be published soon.

      1. Me too, l was thinking the same thing you know bcoz twins at 7 months she should be bigger at that stage. She can’t hide

  2. But that stomach can’t be for twins. Twins at 7 months will be really large that you can’t hide it. Hmmm this is strange

    1. Some women are like that. Their bump doesn’t show until after the 8th month. Especially if this was her first pregnancy.

      1. Well according to a certain article that was published a while back, Nadia supposedly(I don’t know) gave birth to a baby while she was still a teenager.

        And the person who broke the news on here said that Nadia’s twins will be her 2nd & 3rd children.

        And I agree with you, some women are different. I met a lady who said that she was 9 months pregnant, but looked to be around 4-5 months pregnant.

      1. The very first time I saw her here in the states I told my friend I suspect Nadia is pregnant, she had no make up but I was confused since her belly wasn’t like someone who was pregnant tho it was a lil bigger as compared to before. She lives very closer to my friend but won’t disclose it for now. My friend has been seeing her. Anyway I believe she was pregnant. Some ladies have smaller tummies when prego. Have you watched this TV series “I didn’t know I was pregnant”? So it can be a clear case.

        1. Oh yeah I’ve watched that show, it’s very interesting. And yeah, some women’s bellies don’t protrude forward. I’ve encountered some people who had very small bellies and they looked to be around 4-5 months pregnant instead of 8-9 months pregnant.

          1. Good. Very interesting, some of da ladies were in bikinis, some even had their periods. This Nadia issue is becoming interesting as it unfolds but I like the way she has handled this whole pregnancy issue. I’m going to hang out with my friend in his house hoping to see her. K)nk)nsa de3 me p3. Lol

          2. Lol. Its sweet papa. Its now early in the morning over here. Just wait patiently. Av even gotten the name of the hospital. There are more into it ooo. GC shd pay me ooo cos I got info. America k)k)nsa paa.

          3. Haha no wonder you know so much 😀 wo p3 paa!!! It’s very interesting. I didn’t know such things could occur until a unit in my Child Development class talked about it.

            I knew that when my mum was pregnant with my sister and I(I’m a twin also), people told her that she had such an awfully small belly for someone pregnant with twins.

            Yeah so every person is different.