Happy 58th Independence Day | Former GC Writer-Chantal Korsah Says Ghana is STILL A Land of Hope

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Ghana's 58th Independence
Ghana’s 58th Independence

The complaints in and about Ghana keep increasing—and these are genuine complaints about the state of affairs.

The Ghanaian economy is a business killer and the population has no electricity most days to do anything with—this has generated several social media attacks on the incumbent government in the last few months.

For some Ghanaians, the woes of Ghana keep getting worse and for someone people like former GC writer-Chantal Korsah, there is still hope if we look at things from the other side. In the below piece she shared with GC via twitter, she says “Ghana will change, I do not believe that Ghana will become a failed state”.

Ghana turns 58 years today and the question is; what do you make of how far we’ve come in terms of development and civilisation?

A lot of people have given up on Ghana for obvious reasons and several others still have hope things will get better. The truth is, Ghana is not getting younger so we need to see with the growth some sort of well measured progress…

Happy 58th Independence Day…

Ghana-Land of Hope
Ghana-Land of Hope

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