Is Menaye Donkor Pregnant? | Fan Tells GC She is Hiding Her Pregnancy

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Menaye Donkor
Menaye Donkor

A Menaye Donkor fan has just written in to tell GhanaCelebrities.Com that, the wife of Ghanaian footballer-Sulley Muntari is pregnant—and she is pulling “Nadia Buari” on us all…

Of course everything is possible and the fact that Menaye Donkor’s mother-in-law nearly ended the marriage to her son over Menaye’s inability to give her a grandchild means this a good news to the Menaye and Sulley family—that is if the fan is not just turning wishes into reality.

According to the fan who wants to be known as Adwoa, her sister is a friend of Menaye Donkor and yesterday when they were discussing Nadia Buari’s twins, the sister mentioned that Menaye Donkor is also pregnant and she wants to keep a lot of people in the dark, especially the media.

Few months ago, we reported that Menaye Donkor has been trying to get pregnant without any success—contrary to people’s speculation that the former Beauty Queen is intentionally failing to give Sulley Muntari a child despite her age…

We stated that “we had a long chat with one of our sources close to Menaye Donkor and she said;  the Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari’s marriage is still hanging in there and the only thing that could have sealed that marriage is a child which is not forthcoming.

Our source added; perhaps that would kill the existing tension between Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari’ family and also let her know no matter what, she will have Sulley in her life because of the baby.”

We cannot throw the congrats bag to Menaye Donkor’s feet until we are certain about this—but if it’s true, then we are damn happy for Menaye…

Apart from being the wife of Sulley Muntari, Menaye Donkor describes herself as “a Canadian-born Ghanaian businesswoman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former beauty queen who was named Miss Universe Ghana 2004”

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  1. Why hasn’t anybody commented on this one? Since we have been “deadeding” her about pregnancy and Her divorce cases? Or nobody gives a damn…? Or nobody believes that she’s hiding her pregnancy…loool I’m normally here for the comments but so far none…any comments coming soon?