Legendary Actor-Harrison Ford Involved in Plane Crash; Seriously Injured But Expected to Make Full Recovery

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Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

One of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood and long time plane enthusiast, Ford was involved in a plane crash on a golf course in California.

The ‘Indiana Jones’ actor was piloting a single-engine vintage World War II training aircraft when he suffered some engine trouble; attempts to make an emergency landing saw his plane crashing onto the golf course.

TMZ reports he sustained several injuries, including several gashes to his head that appeared very deep, but luckily there were some doctors on the golf course who gave him some initial treatment before emergency personnel arrived soon after to cart him to the hospital.

He was the only one aboard the aircraft, and despite multiple injuries he’s said to be stable and expected to make a full recovery.

72 year old Ford is a known aviator buff, and TMZ notes this is not his first crash. He is well known for playing the fabled ‘Indiana Jones’ character, and has been a part of some of the most successful movies of the past few decades.

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