PHOTOS: Itz Tiffany Just DRUNK Some of the Bad Girl-Rihanna Kool-Aid

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Itz Tiffany
Itz Tiffany

Ghana rapper-Itz Tiffany is looking bad and hot in these photos—her pose, tat display and haircut make it seems she has just drunk a full jar of the bad girl-Rihanna kool-aid.

Since the leak of her n*ked videos during the latter part of last year, the rapper and mother of one has been MIA on social media—but it seems she is slowly warming her way back online.

The musician who is travelling a lot between NY and London with Fuse ODG and others shared these photos on instagram and we love the fact that she is back in that good fun spirit.

Musically, less was heard of Itz Tiffany last year but the fact that she is now signed to Fuse’s ODG record may mean she will drop something hot for us soon—it’s been a long time she rocked our world…

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