CHRIS-VINCENT: I’ll Establish A Church One Day If Life Gets Tough & These Are the Reasons…

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

I am not rich and I do not need to be stinking rich for anything but I am relatively doing well—and I am happy about my progress. I have two solid backup plans about what I would want to do in life in the future…

I am not sure about how long I will be writing for and even the direction of my writings; but I certainly love to write and more importantly, I appreciate the flexibility it offers. So I may stick to writing for as long as the joy remains.

But if I get bored of writing, I may decide to become a lawyer—with a good law degree and a near done masters degree in International Human Rights, I can easily become an Attorney in less than 5 months. Perhaps, all I have to do is take the NY Bar exams—and bingo, I would become one of those money chasing lawyers in black ties.

Of course the above are good plans and I have worked my butt off to have them instituted but these may come with their own challenges and that is why I have the biggest and would certainly work plan in place—which is, when life becomes unbearable, I will call my good friend and together we will establish a church in Africa…

Now, let me tell you why this is the best plan and the most likely to make me stinking rich in less than 2 years. I will tell you my reasons in 4 and if you dare steal my big money making plan, I would come after you with the power of the ‘Holy Spirit.’

Most Religious People Are Credulous & You Can Make a Hell Lot of Money from Them

Gullibility is a hallmark of being religious—at least that is what it seems and most religious people seem to have been fed with some special kool-aid which shuts down their thinking faculties.

Religious people believe everything—especially those stories well laced with nonsense. Even if it’s literally impossible to happen, such as a man flying on a wing horse to heaven or turning water into wine, they will believe it as long as the pretext is God.

With such level of hovering credulity, all I have to do to tap deep into their pockets is to announce my God’s calling—and establish my church. I can easily call it; the church of God’s people. And backed by the scriptures which require God’s people to give 1/10th of their monthly salary to the church, my life saving is secured forever….

The most remarkable thing about this is that, most religious people are not only dead gullible, they are also taught not to question the man of God—and I wouldn’t therefore be accountable to anyone in relation to what I do with the money I receive from the church.

I can buy 3 private jets and a fleet of cars like those rich African pastors while my congregants struggle to afford 2 square meals each day.  Yet, each Sunday, they will pack their coins and come to deposit them in my pocket so that the Lord will richly bless them.

Even if they continue to do this for 10 years without any material blessings, all I have to say back to them for their continuance deposition is that, being alive in itself is a rich blessing from God—and in heaven, they will be rewarded greatly if they keep giving.

What a deep nonsense but it works; try it in India, Uganda or Trinidad and it definitely will work—as long as God remains the foundation of the scheme.


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