Ghanaian Rapper-Edem Supports Woyome’s Free Verdict | Says People Throwing Stones At Woyome Should F**K Off + MORE

Rapper Edem
Rapper Edem

We don’t really like to throw in the tribal card but when a rapper makes such an absurd statement on social media and we struggle to put together where the support is coming from—we have no option than to put out that the only thing Edem and Woyome have in common is TRIBE.

Businessman and NDC financier-Alfred Woyome has be left off the hook today by a court in Accra—and the order which required him to pay back the Ghc 51.2m that was paid him by the state in the infamous judgement debt saga has be set squashed.

Many Ghanaians are shocked as to how Alfred Woyome could be set free by the court—but if the prosecution cannot prove their case, the only thing the court can do is to let the accused off. And that is exactly what the Accra High court presided over by Justice Ajet-Nasam in freeing Woyome said; the prosecution did not prove that Mr Woyome defrauded the state.

Following the verdict, several Ghanaians have taken to social media to express their disappointment, condemning the fact that one man could ‘steal’ just huge money from the state and be set free because of the incompetence of our prosecutors.

But rapper-Edem has thrown his full support behind Woyome, telling those throwing stones at Woyome to F**k off. Can’t we look beyond tribe and condemn what is bad as so?

Check out his tweets below… 


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71 thoughts on “Ghanaian Rapper-Edem Supports Woyome’s Free Verdict | Says People Throwing Stones At Woyome Should F**K Off + MORE”

    • This is the most useless article I have ever read on this website. Chris, I hope you didn’t write this article yourself. Please remove your tribal lenses and read
      Edem’s post. He never said he supports the fact that Woyome has been
      freed by the court and so where from this title “(Edem Supports Woyome’s
      Free Verdict)”???

      The point he was trying to make was that, people were not attacking our weak judicial system. They were rather focusing their attention on Woyome. Did Woyome freed himself?

      It is either you don’t understand English or you have just decided to put on your tribal lenses.

      Remove your tribal lenses and ask yourself this question…If Edem was an
      Ashanti man, would you have written this useless article?

    • Chris, I hope you didn’t write this article yourself. Please remove your tribal lenses and read Edem’s post. He never said he supports the fact that Woyome has been freed by the court and so where from this title “(Edem Supports Woyome’sFree Verdict)”.

      The point he was trying to make was that people were not attacking our weak judicial system. They were rather focusing their attention on Woyome.

      It is either you don’t understand English or you have just decided to put on your tribal lenses.

      Remove your tribal lenses and ask yourself this question…If Edem was an
      Ashanti man, would you have written this article?

    • You could have just said Edem is stupid. Must you call all Ewes stupid for one man’s action? Is Rawlings stupid too? Stop acting a fool.

  1. u got foreignors taking ur money away.. but ur own peeps dat got ideas to make money u on his case like a barking dog.. he even spend the money in the country rather than taking it out like others… he even needs an apology…

    • Kwasia asem, your father John Kufuor use our money to build hotels and even went to the extent of impregnating white ladies abroad. I guess you see nothing wrong with that, right? You are very foolish person..

      You can go ahead and attack Woyome, cos I believe he is a criminal, but don’t attack his tribe.

      • WOW.!! Not only are u an ayigbe chic but u lack self discipline… How stupid did the devil create u guys.??

        • Well, you claim the devil created the ewe tribe, but then we don’t put grass cutter “shit” faeces in our soup.

          Lets say God created the Ashanti tribe, but then I wonder why you guys enjoy eating animal faeces? Did God ask your tribe to put grass cutter “shit” faeces in your soup? Hahahahahahahahaha.

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  2. Man the insults…tribalism is what made it very easy for the white people to rule over us years ago…if I understand it correctly Edem is criticising our weak system…if it’s not wayome it will be asante next time or Abdul or odartey…the system is weak that’s what Rawlings said himself…that the thief has been freed but it’s the judges that freed him…meaning they didn’t do their jobb well…so please stop the insult

  3. Why do ghanaians love tribalism, it probably had nothing to do with tribe. Am an asante but I would support a ga, ewe, fanti, dagaati or whatever tribe if I felt what they were doing was beneficial. But it’s plain that edem is stupid and ignorant by his post. But it’s not surprising really because other people have said that woyome is innocent.

    • Julie, forget about this article and read Edem’s post.. He never said he supported Woyome.. That impression was created by the person who wrote this article.

      Go ahead and point out the stupidity in Edem’s post?

      I’m an ewe and I don’t support Woyome..I think he should be punished. In fact all the politicians in Ghana are criminals….(Ashanti, Ga, Ewe, Fanti, Dagaati etc)

          • Yeah and I don’t understand why they are misleading the commenters to have a debate about tribes. It clearly had nothing to do with it. He was just pointing out what these politicians do regularly but only woyome is being outed.

          • An ordinary person will be sentenced to 15 years in prison for stealing a goat but then the politician will be freed after he master minds the stealing of 52.4 million dollars.

            Something is wrong with our judicial system…

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  5. GC has been peaceful for the past few months until these article came and turn these place into a tribal war zone again. Whoever wrote these article must really be proud of themselves!! SMH

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  8. 6 years ago, on a trip from kotoka to JFK, I met this lady on her first trip to america to be with her husband. We became friends and I gave her my phone number. 5 years later, which was last year she called me that her husband has thrown her and her one year old son out of his apartment. She never worked so had no money. Her step sister lives here but refused to take her in. I took her in gave her food, took her and her son shopping. I gave her money to take a short course in CNA. I did not allow her to pay for anything. Now she has a job and has found a place for herself. Her mom came to visit and insisted on coming to see me and thanking me. You see I am an Ewe and they are Ashanti’s. She told me how she never liked ewes for no reason, but now she has changed her mind because of my gesture. She now calls me her daughter. Sorry if am talking too much, but this nonsense of tribalism must stop. We are all humans, the differences in our languages shouldn’t separate us. Life is too short to be hating for no reason….. I don’t care where you are from, I’m an RN, if you need help, I will definitely help you no matter your tribe. Where is the pride in being Ghanaians?? Where is the love?? And these are the same who go to church religiously……

      • My sister, most of these tribalist have made up their minds. The language they understand is insults and I’m ready to take them on anytime. I’m their worst nightmare….I’m gonna be in their faces 24 hours.

        Ashantis think they are better and smarter than everyone in Ghana. If tribalism will end in Ghana, then the Ashantis must first realize they are not better than anyone in Ghana. They are taught to hate Ewes for no reason and perceive them as enemies.

        Hatred is like cancer, once it consumes you, there is no way out. I hope and pray that one day, they will all have a change of heart. So that all Ghanaians can work together and build a better future for ourselves and our children.

        • Lisa I wonder why u are associating all the peeps condemning ewe’s to be Ashanti’s, while we ve 8 other regions apart from Ashanti’s n Ewe’s. Am in an office wit n Ewe hu doesn’t like the fellow ewe’s. Please respect Ashanti’s ok

          • Shirley, I’m also in an office with an Ashanti who doesn’t like the fellow Ashanti tribesmen.

            have showed your naivety concerning this tribal issue. Instead of
            condemning your Ashanti tribesmen for insulting ewes, you are here
            talking about me respecting your ashanti tribe.

            I guess you have
            gone blind and so you can’t see the insults of your ashanti tribesmen.
            You think its not disrespectful when your ashanti tribesmen insults

            If you want respect then go and advice your ashanti
            tribesmen to respect ewes. The ewe tribe will only respect people who
            show them respect.

            I know the language your ashanti tribesmen
            understand is insults and I’m ready to take them on anytime. When the insults continue, I’m also ready to
            disrespect your ashanti tribe.


    • Save your disappointed for something worthwhile. Tribalism has eaten deeply into the fabric of the Ghanaian society. It is a canker that cannot be stopped no matter how hard we try. We must learn how to live with it. Did you say that you thought Ghanaians abroad are enlighten and civilized? Lmao…


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