J.J. Rawlings Says Woyome is A THIEF But….

J J Rawlings
J J Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has joined the many disappointed Ghanaians who cannot understand why Alfred Woyome has been let off the hook—saying, Woyome is a thief but the state prosecutors have made him a free man.

The Judge-Justice Ajet-Nasam on sat on the case ruled that the state did a poor job on the case by failing to call key witnesses who could have helped the prosecutors’ case. Giving his ruling, the Judge said, he was not convinced by the prosecution’s case, especially when they failed to present key witnesses – Betty Mould-Iddrisu and Ebo Barton Oduro – who were attorney general and deputy respectively when the judgment debt was paid.

Against this background, Rawlings has come out to say; “the extent of corruption I have been talking about . I just read that the thief called Woyome had been freed. Why because his accomplices [Betty Mould and one other person] who were in government were not produced in court for vital evidence to incriminate him.”

He added “The corruption in government keeps worsening. At the Attorney General’s office, individuals who collaborated with Woyome should have been called but they were spared. How can we tackle the canker when all these things are going on. We are not serious.”

51.2 million has gone into Woyome’s pocket—for FREE…

Interestingly, Ghanaian rapper-Edem took to twitter some few hours ago to celebrate Alfred Woyome, calling him a hero—and insulting all those who were throwing stones at the business man.


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1 thought on “J.J. Rawlings Says Woyome is A THIEF But….”

  1. wen it cmes to stability & defence rawlings is the no1 in gh… but financial affairs i think his wife is even in a good position to give directions……. there might be a hate here becos of ethnicity……. people r quick to judge woyome but why becos he took the necessarry steps.. if u dn,t know dn,t act like u know… just ask of facts … its not a crime…. i had people throwing all abuse to me wen i was in gh & defended woyome … becos i asked abt the facts in e case & realised the man was a good entrepreneaur who needs to be hired by sir alan sugar… even gadafi hired him why not others…..


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