Woyome Acquitted Of Causing Financial Loss to The State

Alfred Woyome
Alfred Woyome

It might take you a minute or two to realise you’re reading this right- rest assured you are, as the Accra court hearing the case has discharged Alfred Woyome based on the prosecution being unable to prove the charge against him.

The trial charge reportedly laid into the prosecution, saying they did a poor job of proving their case leaving the judge no choice but to dismiss the case.

If you recall, the Supreme Court in July last year ordered the businessman to pay back the Ghc 51.2m that was paid him by the state in the infamous judgement debt saga.

The court, in a unanimous decision, overturned the verdict of the High court that awarded Woyome those damages due to a contract he had signed with the government which he claimed has been reneged upon.

This is a development which I’m sure most Ghanaians would not be pleased about, but it’s not actually surprising considering Woyome’s known political affiliations, as well as a very glaring problem which I think is often overlooked; the inability of state prosecutors to carry out the basic functions of their work.

That same ineptitude is what led to the acquittal of the alleged accomplices in the Nayele cocaine saga, as well as countless other cases down the years.

For now though, Woyome walks away a free man, and he doesn’t have to pay the state a dime of that money!


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2 thoughts on “Woyome Acquitted Of Causing Financial Loss to The State”

  1. the time i heard both arguments wen i was in gh abt both sides i said straight away dis man is innocent…. he ,s just a pure bussinesman,, but just dat his people will rather see the cash go to sme 1 different than him …that,s to another person of different kind or race… its typical… but he dosn,t need to give me money to support his idiology or principal.. he,s spend the money he made to help the economy… if u get 10 people like him ghana will be good…

  2. Hmmmm, individuals in the government conniving with an opportunistic thief to steal from the state. To steal from our taxes and from our sweat. And the irritating thing is there is talk among their party cronies about these parasites being innocent because they are concerned about the negative publicity being generated. Well even the judge said the state prosecutors were sloppy and lackadaisical in their approach in building their case. Prime witnesses were not used because the prosecution had been comprised. The fact is a CRIMINAL CASE IS A CRIMINAL CASE AND CAN BE REOPENED YEARS ON. So let them laugh all they want today but their disgrace is lurking behind their shadows soon to be unveiled.


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