FOR ONLY THE INTELLIGENT FOLKS: Get 100 Dollars For Solving This Simple Mathematics Question…

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Of course I am not going to give you any 100 dollars if you are able to solve this—I don’t even think you can.

I have decided to put this up here because of two reasons; an Indian groom lost his beautiful would-be-wife on the day of the wedding because he was asked 16+5 and he said 17. This gave him away as a fraud—considering the academic credentials he claimed to have had.

The second reason is; I studied Elective mathematics and Core mathematics in College—and even though I think my answer below is right, I have had people say it’s WRONG. This seems like one of those tricky questions but I don’t think we should approach it so, even if we do, we should explain how we got to our answer. I know putting 1x is not really right (it should be just x), but I just wanted to explain my answer with that…

The bonus reason is; I know there are a lot of intelligent folks on this blog—and earlier this week, I met a young woman by name Abena Angela in a lift at University of Leicester. She immediately started ‘shouting’ and telling a perplexed classmate I was with that “oh I read his blog and he is like a celebrity”. I wish I was…

I got into a conversation with Abena who said she has been reading GhanaCelebrities.Com for many years—and when I asked what she was studying, she said, MATHEMATICS. This is a young girl—about 21 years old pursing a degree in mathematics at the College of Maths, University of Leicester.

The above reflects the fact that we have a lot of intelligent people (both old and young) who read this blog—which means, this problem should be solved easily. And for the reward; whoever gets it RIGHT gets the bragging right “as the smartest person on the blog” at least until something else comes up.

I hope my answer is right so I get to be that smartest person on the blog…LOL


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. I get your reasoning behind this…but what if these numbers are just following a trend? (I.e the numbers equal to the double of it self ..hope this makes sense) Hence making the use of algebra not necessary…I think if this is the case then 11=1111 …based on the previous numbers, 1=”1″”1″ 2=”2″2″ 3=”3″3″ and so on… Then that means 11=”11″11″

  2. It depends on which pattern you select.
    Here are possible answers;
    1, 121, 1111.
    First scenario, If you chose the first instance where 1 has been defined as being equal to eleven. Then eleven is equal to one.
    Second scenario, following the sequence 1 = 11, 2 = 22… then everynumber is eleven times itself therefore 11 times 11 = 121
    Third scenario, the cut and paste. The value of the left is just duplicate on the right. In which case 11 = 1111.
    So the answer is it depends how your mind works.

        1. We all know that none of the equations is mathematically correct, which makes it more of a logical problem than mathematical. If a = b, then b = a. Therefore if 1 = 11, then 11 = 1.

          1. Really? None is mathematically correct? What if there was the next line asking 22=?. Would you say the same thing? What if these were equations for pointers? Where cell 1 contains 11 and cell 2 contains 22 and cell 3 contains 33 etc etc.?

          2. The moment you start asking “what if’s”, you give room for assumptions and we don’t need that. Over-thinking is what will make more people get this question wrong. In maths, you have to always look for what is given and the correctness of it doesn’t matter in its application. That’s why I stated that none is mathematically correct!

            Now back to your question; yes I would say the same thing. 22 = 2…………..

            No one is asking anybody to prove anything. And this is not an algebraic problem either. Obviously people knew right away that the numbers on the left hand side were being multiplied by 11 to produce the number on the right hand side. Which means that the multiplier is of course 11. Good thinking and good use of multiplication table, but I can prove that the multiplier is NOT 11 and therefore 121 is not the answer.
            a) Let the constant multiplier be X.
            b) Then:
            1 = 1X
            2 = 2X
            3 = 3X…and so on.
            Solving the simple equation, I can conclude that the multiplier is 1

          3. I actually agree with you. If what is given was all that i knew to be true in this world, i would say that 1 is the answer. But this conclusion is hard to reach because every educated person knows that in the real world, 1 is in fact not the same as 11 so they logically assume that some operation has been done on 1 to give 11.

          4. The multiplier cannot be 1 in an equation where 1=11, 2=22, 3=33.
            Using your 1=1X you can never equate it to the 1=11, 2=22 in any mathematical equation unless X=11. What you listed will not make the series true.
            So only when you eliminate the mathematical relation is your answer true. Which can also make the third scenario true as well. That is if I use the concept of duplicating the left and append it to the right.

    1. You see how the ladies are schooling you on basic logic while you’re on the other side claiming to be a god? This is hilarious.

      1. Schooling me? You are an idiot. Did you see what I posted? I answered it and try to get them to explain their conclusions. Yes you can’t school a god. How can they school me when I came up with the answers? Unlike you I think in different dimensions something you and your god cannot do. In you little mind, everything is as simplistic as it seem. If that puzzle was for pointers, her answers will not be correct. Then again I don’t expect simpletons with ‘god did it’ myopia to discern any complexities in the world.
        Now go hide under your god rock. I posted the various scenarios first. Going as far as to explain how others may see it.

        1. You know what is sad here? That you don’t understand that the question has only one answer no matter how many dimensions you think you’re thinking in. I won’t engage you intellectually because as I told you. No free schooling from me. You got it one time and that’s it. You pay tuition I school you. To you, the issue of existence is an emotional one so you can’t even let go of your stupid bias and read clearly to even know that I’m not and I haven’t claimed to be Christian like you accused me of in your other post. I diagnosed you and in cases you missed it, you are a pseudo-intellectual. No better than the completely illiterate. Go home looser.

          1. Nonsense! Is that why many people who have considered that puzzle have come up with different answers. All which if you take the ground rules into account are right? Look you can’t even school yourself how can you school a god.
            Pseudo intellectual? So says the village idiot with his pants around his ankles. Get a mirror and see what the meaning of ‘looser’ is. LOL. ‘Looser’?? That’s all your kernel for a brain and come up with? I think you meant loser.
            Look you are punching outside of your weight class. Your type, particularly the Ghanaian kind, are a dime a dozen. Pretentious gas bags. Full of hot air nothing else. Intellectual pygmies who can’t even solve simple problems. Incapable of self reflection you are ignorant of how obtuse you are.
            As for you getting me another day, I say bring it. Low brows and navel gazers don’t scare me. In fact they make my life entertaining. Nothing is funnier than watching a monkey try to get his clenched fist out of a bottle. So keep posting and I will keep laughing. You are jester. Nothing else.
            Schooling me? Don’t be silly. You can’t school your addled brain. Let alone that of a god.
            Now sod off!!

          2. Ok grammarNazi. I still don’t see how you got your “if”s in that question. I see your type. You’re a part of the 80% who got it wrong. You treated it as an algebra question when indeed it wasn’t. All it was, was

            That’s it. And all the knowledge you possess in this world led you to what? Three equally plausible answers?
            Yes I am Ghanaian. Just not the typical one you are used to stomping on. I see you own a dictionary and it has led you into thinking that you have knowledge when you can’t even solve simple logic. You know what, you are a god. I’m tired of this exchange. You are a god. I can’t school you because we live in different worlds.
            It reminds me of a saying “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is…”

          3. A grammar Nazi? I am afraid not. I don’t claim perfection. When it comes to absolutist mindset, I will leave that to you. But don’t claim perfection and “know it all” and come at me with ‘looser’. I will point that out.

      2. Basic logic? That’s why you answers to everything is god did it? LOL. Go back and read my first posting. Unlike you I didn’t take the absolutist view of puzzle. Which is what make you ignorant and insane. It is also what makes put paint yourself in a corner and then resort to god did it nonsense. See I am a god and I can discern the thought process of a minion like you. A selective literalist with no metaphors and nuanced view on life. A simplistic view of everything. Because his god will be angry if he attempts to use the brain. Pitiful. No appreciation for theatre, art or music that isn’t Christian. I know your lot. There are many here. Stuck ghettos of their making.

      1. Reflexive Property of Equality: If A = B then B = A; thus by replacing A w/ 1 and B w/ 11, we get If 1 = 11 then 11 = 1.

        Obviously, 11 = 1 is false since 1 = 11 is false. However, if in some twisted universe 1 = 11 is true then 11 = 1 is true.

  3. If every number is multiply by 11 which I think is the case in these sequence, then right the answer is 121.

      1. King you are right if you threat this as an equation. Where the lelft value is multiplied by 11 to get the right one.
        However if you take it as simple quiz where someone is just generating a series of unrelated lines then the answer of 1 is correct.
        For eg
        If I were to write these
        The answer is A. Because you didn’t treat this as an equation and a set of related values. Look at is as images and not formula that needs to be solved. The key is understanding the ground rules. Which depends on who is posing the question.

          1. Here is another way to look at it. What is the cartoon Einstein saying with his fingers? One! This is a stupid exercise even from the logical point of view. It is vague and without defining the ground rules. It is like saying,
            I, j, k,l
            pick the next one. What is the answer?
            If you say m you are wrong. The correct answer is ‘the next one’

  4. Nobody claimed perfection and no you’re just what i called you. In the absence of real points you attack what is clearly an honest mistake.i called you a loser on the other thread. both comments i posted within 5 minutes of each other. how come that was spelled correctly? But whatever. You win. I’m out