Woyome Says The Attorney-General Benefitted From Judgement Debt Cash And Should Resign

Alfred Woyome
Alfred Woyome

Alfred Agbesi Woyome has been on the lips of every Ghanaian; after an Accra High Court acquitted the bussinessman of charges in the judgement debt case related to causing financial loss to the state.

This was a development which I’m sure most Ghanaians weren’t pleased about, but it’s not actually surprising considering Woyome’s known political affiliations, as well as a very glaring problem which is often overlooked; the inability of state prosecutors to carry out the basic functions of their work.

If Woyome is to be believed however, it’s more a question of ‘we don’t want to do it’, rather than ‘we cant do it’.

According to him, the current Attorney General Marriettta Brew Oppong took a cool Ghc 1,474,393 out of the Ghc 54m judgement debt, so he finds it difficult to reconcile that with her current prosecution of him.

He said this in an open letter to the AG he released today…

“I find it difficult to reconcile your decision to involve yourself directly in this criminal case and notice of appeal you have authorized to be issued and served on me. it is a fact that you and your clients received approximately one million dollars equivalent in Ghana cedis from the said judgment debt you now so much criminalized and want me jailed for. The cedis equivalent was GH¢1,474,393.00

through an Agricultural Development Bank cheque number 727324 dated 06/10/11 in the joint names of Ray and Ingeborg Smith.” He wrote in an open letter to the AG.

He additionally called on her to resign her post, for another person to take up the case.

“This case has ran approximately three and half years and you have had all the opportunity to prove any case against my person; more so as you know that the default judgment was negotiated between myself and the Attorney General together with officials of the Presidency with the knowledge of then Chief of Staff who was copied with every correspondence” He further explained.

“The negotiated judgment debt was filed at the Registry of the High Court as a Consent Judgment. The government of Ghana showed bad faith thereafter and filed a motion to set aside what have been filed at the registry.

Thereafter, there was a ruling two times in my favour and the government represented by the Attorney General was ordered to pay GH¢ 17,094,493.53.

Your department having fulfilled the payment of the GH¢ 17,094,493.53 and went ahead and paid the rest of the amount in tranches after a pre-trial conference.

Your firm, Lithur Brew and Co. knowing about the above occurence demanded to be paid an amount of over a million dollars on behalf of your client I duly paid your firm; evidence of which is attached.

Your firm, Lithur Brew and Co. actually represented the other Directors of M-Powapak and Austro Invest.

Your firm, Lithur Brew and Co. further filed a suit for and on behalf of Austro Invest, a suit you later discountinued. You subsequently became Attorney General of the the Republic of Ghana.

My confusion is as a result of your insistence that the fruit from the Judgement of a competent court of jurisdiction, in fact, a judgement debt is criminal.

You are a beneficiary of that fruit which you are seeking so hard to taint.

It is my firm belief that another Attorney General should be the one pursuing this issue further since you are wearing a biased lens in making decisions concerning this case.

I further believe that with this biased lens, you cannot properly and fairly advise the Government of Ghana on this issue of exercising the constitutional rights of an Attorney General as stated in article 88 of the 1992 Constitution vis- a-vis my rights under the same Constitution of the Republic of Ghana as a citizen” Woyome concluded.

Some juicy allegations there from Woyome, and I’m sure people would be scrambling for cover not to get caught in the cross-fire. Ex-President Rawlings might not have been so wrong after all.


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