VIDEO: The Tell It All Interview | Lydia Forson Raps , Talks About Her Love Life, Explains Why She Doesn’t Want to Be Called A Celebrity, Says God Gave Her the Title of Her Movie, Talks About the State of Ghana & That Some Ghanaians Are Hypocrites + MORE…

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Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

GhanaCelebrities.Com sat down with actress-Lydia Forson for a ‘tell it all interview’ and for what we are known for; we went all out with the questions—and she had no where to run to, except to answer them.

During the interview, Lydia Forson thanked her fans, especially those who stood by her in her low moment—if you didn’t know, she had a low moment, though we don’t think she was depressed…LOL

In the interview, Lydia Forson shared her opinion on the state of the nation-Ghana, saying, Ghanaians are part of the current problems Ghana faces. She added that, it’s either you are part of the problem or the solution and somehow, we as Ghanaians are not ready to change our ways but expect things to change…

She talked about her love life, why she doesn’t want to be called a celebrity—and had a lot more to say.

Lydia Forson is currently in London for Friday-March 20, 2015’s premiere of her movie-A Letter From Adam. The premiere will take place at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich (from 9:30pm). You can purchase tickets via

A Letter from Adam‘ is described as “a contemporary story about love, loss and hope which draws audiences into a realistic cycle of life seen through the pain of loss, the journey of self discovery and the courage and strength to find hope in the face of adversity.”

A Letter from Adam‘ which is set in the busy yet simple city of Accra seeks to give the audience an often neglected truth about love — that love doesn’t always come in the form one often expects it to.

The movie features Lydia Forson, Wale Ojo, Naa Ashokor Mensah Doku, Akorfa Edjeani, Albert Jackson, Fred Kanebi and introducing Jeff Kumordzie and Louie Lartey. ‘A Letter from Adam‘ is directed by Atlanta-based Ghanaian-Sam Kessie and produced by Lydia Forson.

Watch our the interview below…


Check out the trailer of ‘A Letter from Adam’ below…


Premiere Info:

Date: Friday-20th March, 2015

Time: 9:30pm

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