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The God story
The God story

I have always been astounded by the beauty nature abounds with. I have always been awe-stricken how beautiful the universe and the intelligence human possess that has spurred technological advancements. Who made all these things? “God!” comes the reply. Hence when I grew up and got to know there are a bunch of people out there who do not believe in the existence of God, I was puzzled.

I thought they might be outrageously stupid. But I did not reject their stance completely. I made friends with some of them to deepen my understanding about what influence their outlook and perhaps come to appreciate them, notwithstanding the seemingly parallel perception we both have. With all sincerity, atheists are highly profoundly intellectuals and this underlies their superiority in the atheist- Christians banter all the time.

Atheists believe that God and anything that represents Him is a mere fallacy, though none of them have been able to prove it. Their hypothesis reveals that it is highly improbable that a certain God exists.

I counted my self lucky when I met Chris Vincent Agyapong Febiri, the staunchest atheist I have ever met. His utterances and posture was quite demeaning but I grew fond of him. The dude is quite intelligent and he knows how to substantiate his doctrines with much confidence and sheer profligacy. I thus confronted him via his whatsApp mode and as liberal as he is, defied me to produce an article which is heavily laden with hard proven facts to show the existence of God and why we need Him (click here for that article)

I took up the challenge and few days later I came out with the article, “A case for God. Does God exist? Yes” The atheists’ quickly reinforced and unleashed the inevitable question that makes even astute Christians fumble- “who created God, prove that God exists?” It is in light of this that I have dedicated this write-up to expose and perforate the obnoxious perception that permeates the thinking faculty of all atheists. I have demarcated the write-up into five key areas that represents atheists’ punch line. I just hope this will elicit strong consideration from my pals for them to cross examine their faith.

1. There is no evidence for God’s existence

This is the most popular weapon atheist wield against their opponents. In my first article I wasn’t able to provide any proof to indicate that God really exists and I am not in any position to do so right away. Even Christians of high educational repute have no idea as to the origin of God. Readers of that article, including Chris-Vincent were not convinced, chorusing unanimously for me  to provide one else the premise of my argument becomes fraught with weak analyses.

What evidence exactly did they want? I might be bereft of the law but I want my points to revolve the faculty of law and I guess Chris-Vincent and his cohorts will perhaps buy my idea this time. What is sufficient evidence for one person is grossly inadequate for another. In a law court, two parties can utterly incur different interpretations for an identical data. This means the data can be the same but both parties, with the same logic and same line of thinking may have a different interpretation for it. An old adage corroborates my assertion: facts do not determine the argument, the argument determines the facts.

God’s handiwork like trees, birds and humans proved woefully insufficient to convince my friends who presuppose that only what can be apprehended by the senses rightly qualifies as evidence. In January 1997, Discover magazine reported that astronomers detected what they concluded were about a dozen planets orbiting distant stars. Ultimately these astronomers concluded that related evidence, not direct observation made them believe that there are lots of unseen heavily bodies.

They have accepted what they cannot see referencing new planets. This part of the argument is very cumbersome so I will leave it as it is. However I want to state emphatically that God is eternal so he did not pop out of nowhere. He was before the beginning of time and still is and forever will.

 2. If God created the universe, who created God?

This is another familiar strong argument of atheists. I want to brief on this one. No one created God. His name Jehovah, the beginning and the end; the antecedent of all creations. “God existence is not limited by time. He has always existed and will always exist. Hence, no one created Him.”- quoted from the untold story of creation.

If atheists posit that the universe created itself in a cosmic explosion yet cannot offer no concrete theory to the fundamental question, “where did we as living things come from?” then it is obvious they only being mischievous. 

3. Believing in God is the same as believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Theists have always endured many humiliations at the hands of atheists because God and his son Jesus Christ have even not told anyone how he came into existence. Hence they presume for a theist to believe in them means he is compromising his intelligence. Myths such as Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Flying Spaghetti Monster were merely created for children to achieve a specific objective and atheists believe the same assumption is applicable to the God theory.

Christians over the past years have been tortured and annihilated for the defense of their faith. On the contrary Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Flying Spaghetti Monster have no historical or religious background to demonstrate realism. In short there is nothing like Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But there is God.

4. The God Of The Bible Is Evil.

This is the greatest misconception atheists have. They criticize harshly, saying the God of the Bible is really crazy and evil. A God who allows suffering and death is not fit to be called God. Are these criticisms grounded in rationalism or legitimacy? God is creator of the world, but the ruler of this world is Satan. Jesus specifically referred to Satan as the ruler of the world (John12:31).

Satan demonstrated this when he coaxed Jesus to offer an act worship to him and in exchange will give him “all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.” Satan couldn’t have done this if he wasn’t the “general” of the world.

All the bad things we see around us, the pestilence, poverty, earthquakes etc are the product of Satan’s governance. God doesn’t want to intervene because he wants humans to realize how wrong they were when Satan challenged Him (God) in the Garden of Eden that humans can be better off without His guidance and governance.

Additionally the perceptive attitudes of atheists indicate good and evil are not real. So this criticism is subversive. If they don’t believe that good and evil are real, are they in a position to renounce God’s authenticity? Jehovah God loves and cares for humans.

5. Christians Are Gullible And Feel Obstinate To Allow Science to Change Their Perception/Evolution Is The Answer.

This last part that represents a strong atheist argumentation is very true to some extent. Some Christians follow wired doctrines and thus operate in fanciful ways all in the name of worshiping God. This makes Christianity unattractive and grossly causes disaffection to non believers. But my good friends can not take advantage of this to say science and evolution is the answer and God is extinct.

Scientific facts that prevailed in past have been proved wrong in modern times. Views such ‘the earth is flat’ and ‘the whole universe revolves around our globe’ prevailed for years, but now we know better. Science is a wonderful branch of study. It’s through science the world groundbreaking discoveries and inventions have been made, making life more comfortable.

They say science has brought us to a point where we no longer need mythology to understand the world. As it stands now science has not provided answers to the more salient questions like: “why are we here, what does it mean to love, to hate, succeed and feel a sense of guilt, sorrow” etc.

Charles Darwin’s’ ascribed natural selection to explain his understanding of the living world but that is deficient as it offers no explanation to how dead or inorganic matter becomes organic. To expose this flaw, Professor Dean. H. Kenyon said, “it is fundamentally implausible that unassisted matter and energy organized themselves into living systems.” Science has lost its credibility in this regard.

Scientific theories may try to explain HOW but the key question centres on WHYI believe I have set the record straight…