THOSE STORIES: Kwaw Kese Says He Cheated On His Wife & That is Why She Left Him + Wanlov Says He Won’t Grant Interviews Until Mahama Resigns

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Wanlov Da Kubolor
Wanlov Da Kubolor

Ghanaian musician-Kwaw Kese’s marriage to the white American woman who was stationed in Ghana while working at the America Embassy came to an end in a dramatic twitter express of joy by the artiste last year—but we did not know what led to the marriage break down and why Kwaw was so excited to have been finally granted divorce.

Actually, Kwaw Kese was a naughty boy during the marriage and according to the musician, his many cheating led to his poor butt being dumped by her white woman.

In an interview with KOD on his show-Hanging Out with KOD, when Kwaw was asked what led to the collapse of his marriage, he replied “I cheated on Ann several times; men will continue to be men when it comes to cheating, and I did silly stuffs and as well, inability to manage stardom also played a major role which led to the divorce”

Of course you don’t deserve her if you were cheating on her SEVERAL times—and what is this men will always be men?

Most Ghanaians are frustrated with President John Dramani Mahama’s government including controversial musician-Wanlov Da Kubolor, real name Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu. Wanlov has stated that he will not grant any more interviews in relation to the state of Ghana until president Mahama resigns—because those interviews have become useless.

According to the musician, his many interviews on the radio will not solve the problems Mahama and his administration are putting Ghanaians through and as such, he wouldn’t be talking again until the president resigns.

Asked why he is calling for the President to resign, Wanlov said, “people are always interviewing me on the energy crisis in the country, but it looks like the more we talk about it, the more it gets worse and so I have decided not to say anything about it because nothing seems to be working in this country.”

For his bragging right, Wanlov has 5 children with 5 different women of different nationalities-American, British, Ghanaian, Danish and Japanese.

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