Does Age Matter to You in Relationships? | Of Course Not…

Black woman
Black woman

There is no universal law that suggests specific age gap between partners before they finally join in a blissful relationship. This subject, though often discussed has not yielded any conclusive theory that will tie the loose ends.

Traditionally a man is supposed to be older than a woman. In most cases, both sexes in the relationship have the same age. In rare instances, the woman is slightly older than the man. This phenomenon is wholly agreeable with the conventions of the society. It only becomes weird when one of the partners is far older than the other; say ten or fifteen years.

Age in relationships tend to be a great priority for many who are seeking to spend the rest of their lives with someone they truly love. Frustrations and regret sets in when the age difference is wide. This disparity may conflict with the individual goals and societal view of the relationship. 

Age, they say is just a number. Age and maturity are two different things altogether. It’s the maturity that one portrays that determines the level of ‘cohesion’ between the partners. Many of us are attracted to older men or women unconditionally but not for sheer adventure fuelled by money. You seem to find an inner satisfaction when the prospect of binding your freedom with him/her hits you, ignoring the potential mismatch that can profoundly have an adverse effect on your relationship as the years roll by.

Societal age stereotype has changed gradually. More people are disregarding the norm to embrace a new dimension that is backed by love. Suppose you are 25 and you want to pair with a 45 year old man who has already garnered enough experience under his sleeves; interest that hinges on career, travel, children and your preference will be gravely affected by the disharmony with your partner’s choice. It even becomes more prominent when the bigger spectrum of life and its daily presentation jolts you.

The definite theory that underscores the survival of every relationship, just like the ones with wide gaps depends solely on the partners. If the chemistry is intense, take advantage of it to reinforce your communication skills, honesty, dedication and sacrifice. Concentrate on your common interest. Eventually you will realize that a relationship with a big difference isn’t a big deal at all.

Does age matter to you?


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