Nikki Samonas Says Those Who Talk about the Provocative Way She Dresses Should Mind Their Own Businesses…Including YOU

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Nikki Samonas
Nikki Samonas

The self-imposed Ghanaian bikini queen is back in the news again. This time, it’s not about exposing her ‘big’ butts in a bikini which is in competition with that of Joselyn Dumas and the others. Rather, she talks about people minding their own businesses and keeping mute about the way she chooses to dress.

According to Nikki (in an interview with Graphic Showbiz), she is not bothered about what people say about the provocative way she dresses. She goes on to say that since she is minding her own business, her critics, including Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts – Mrs Dzifa Abla Gomashie – should also do same.

“Every celebrity has his/her strategy for remaining relevant in the public eye so if flashing some flesh would get me the needed attention, I cannot be bothered by people’s differing opinions. Yvonne Nelson catches attention with her legs, Joselyn Dumas with her hips, so if the way I dress will do the trick for me why not,” she told the newspaper.

It’s now obvious the extent some celebrities can go for the sake of attention. We wouldn’t even be bothered if the attention gets them something beneficial aside hearing their names on various radio stations.

If you do love the attention, we are here to make sure you get it. Then again, when it comes to talent; this girl’s name never pops up despite having been in the industry for donkey years…

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  1. Oh pls at least they are talking about you….so just chil…if they weren’t talking about you too you’d probably pull out a pr stunt…