Majid Michel: A 21st Century Ghanaian Actor Who Thinks Homosexuals Are Abomination & Hears the Holy Spirit Talk to Him All the Time

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Majid Michel
Majid Michel

Pardon me, I can’t find any right phrase for actor-Majid Michel’s grand delusion—but for a 21st century actor who claims to be one of the best in Africa to say homosexuals are abomination and his sole source of reference is the Bible, a bronze age badly written life manuscript, then surely we have a lot on our hands to deal with as people.

Do not underestimate the power of a group of credulous people but if you have those who ought to know better joining the camp—then once again, it surely is going to be a long battle, made so by the fact that these people genuinely believe in the Bible and sure do think everything in there is sent from a celestial father.

In one of the videos below, Majid Michel clearly states that he sees homosexuals as abomination and cannot fathom how any Christian who believes in the Bible could tolerate homosexuals or be one. And this is positioned on the fact that he believes in everything in the Bible, perhaps not just believe everything but thinks they all ought to be acted upon.

The Bible says a lot about homosexuals, such as; homosexuals are abomination and they deserve to be killed (Leviticus 20:13). As someone who believes everything in the Bible, I sincerely hope Majid Michel also believes homosexuals ought to be put to death—else he is a chicken.

It does not end there, the Bible also demands that these people should be put to death; Witches (Exodus 22:17), Fornicators (Leviticus 21:9 ), Fortunetellers (Leviticus 20:27), Adulterous men and women (Leviticus 20:10), any person who hits his mother or father (Exodus 21:15), Followers of Other Religions  (Exodus 22:19), Nonbelievers (2 Chronicles 15:12-13), False Prophets (Zechariah 13:3), Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God (Deuteronomy 13:13-19), Kill Women Who Are Not Virgins On Their Wedding Night (Deuteronomy  22:20-21)—and there is certainly more.

Of course this is pure nonsense and yet, we seem stuck with millions of ignorant individuals who believe in this—and to have a 21st century ‘sophisticated’ actor equally believing in this is just not absurd, it’s deeply shameful.

We have educated theologians, pastors and Bible scholars like-Dr. William Craig, the Archbishop of Canterbury-Justin Welby, Australian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church-George Pell and several others taking a distant position—sort of saying, not everything in the Bible ought to be believed (not everything is true) and they embrace homosexuality. In fact, last year the Archbishop of Canterbury-Justin Welby said gay marriage is ‘great’.

Recently, the Presbyterian Church of United States welcomed Gay marriage when they are all using the same Bible—yet you have an African whom the Bible was brought to by missionaries (who have changed their positions to reflect the century we live in) championing religious dogmatism…

It’s not just Majid Michel’s ignorance and lack of touch with the century he lives in that become vivid in the interview. In another video from the same interview, he talks about how the Holy Spirit visits him regularly to speak to him. And this is the sort of delusion this man is surrounded by—capable of making any sane person believe homosexuals ought to be killed or are abomination. Maybe his wife need to check him into a psychiatric hospital for mental evaluation—because the last time I heard, the mad man near by house was also being visited by angels and aliens.

All I’ll say is; it’s pathetic! The sad ending is; you can see Majid Michel’s wife in the audience smiling—forgetting that, the Bible positions women as inferior human beings and perpetuates gender discrimination. And her husband believes this is all RIGHT while she smiles to it.

The hovering ignorance lies in Stacy and Majid’s mention of ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ as though it actually happened—when almost every smart person or Bible scholar knows this is one of many Biblical myths, just like the Adam and Eve story told for religious purpose.

Can you imagine Ben Affleck ever making such comments? The era of enlightenment must have jumped past Africa.

Watch the videos below…



Cardinal George Pell & the Catholic Church’s position on Adam & Eve/Evolution (4:30 upwards Adam & Eve)


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. I wonder why u think defending homosexuality is not delusional.You don’t believe in God and certainly not the Bible but someone does.U claim Christians are not tolerant but here u are lambasting someone for not defending this evil act you are in support of although u have a girlfriend and enjoys her to the fullest but advocating for others to go the other way.Where is yr so called tolerance?Such crass hypocrisy.

    1. I think you don’t know what intolerance means. Not accepting bigoted opinions and discriminatory comments is not Intolerance and that is what Chris is doing. You are most confused as majid.

      So do you believe people who commit adultery should be killed or non Virgins should also be killed? SMH

      1. I’m sure you are the one confused here.Where in my comment did I call for anyone to be stoned or killed?Don’t u know calling someone names for having a different opinion is also intolerant?U can choose to support homosexuality but I also have my right to be against it.Why do some of u gay supporters feel everyone shd feel pity or support u but u are not willing to even listen to the opinions of people like us but quick to brand us ignorant, stupid or intolerant.That is what I’ve pointed out.Such hypocrisy.

      2. In cases were the authority or the authenticity of the bible is in question, let us resort to common sense (human intelligence). I am a psychologist by the way, so it is my training to accomodate all types of dysfunctional behaviour. So i will accept to treat all abnormal behaviour including homosexuality. It is a break from the norm hence it is termed an abnormal behaviour. How do i define what is normal younmight ask? Let us ask the homosexuals if they were concieved and given birth to by homosexuals And you will have your answer. And please let no one lecture me about free will . We all have urges, some we let out, others we supress. And there is no gay gene as the west would have us believe. For how long can the human anus sustain sexual activity? there are know medical complications arising from prolonged homosexual activity. How it can be termed normal is beyond me.
        the world is a mess. Sadly there are spare children all over the place so gays and lesbians can go to baby supermarkets and buy a child like it was a pack of cornflakes. Poor children are being raised with 2 mummies or 2 daddies. What a life!
        i am very homophobic. But i live in a time were i have to learn to be tolerant. But please let the gays and lesbians also exercise restraints and stop assulting my sensibilities afterall we have banned smoking in public places As a result of shared common spaces. They should stop displaying their illness and seek proper help! I empathize

        1. Which backyard school trained you as a psychologist? What is so wrong with two men or women raising a child? My cousin was raised by my grandmother and my aunt: is it bad or it’s good because they are not gay? Nonsense comment! Absolute trash!

          1. Why won’t u resort to insult if u hav an answer to the question anonymous asked? “bullbulu” you are sick from an illness only you can cure and you won’t normal ppl to tolerate you. Thank your stars this western fools have made it easy for idiots like you to misbehave and engage in all sorts of immoral nonsense and you think you are on top of the world. Why don’t you go f**k a dog Maame Yaa?

          2. Ask again. It is online so everyone can claim to be something. See the way he/she even writes and yet claims to be a psychologist.

          3. Stop talking trash. Who should born and who should raise. Let da gay give birth and raise their own children so we know der is no problem with it.

          4. Are you by any chance trying to say that those who are not gay are allowed to raise other people’s children but gay people shouldn’t just because you hate them?! YOU ARE A FOOL. This stupid hateful speech about gays should be treated as prohibited actions rather than an idea that needs to be debated. I know of homosexuals who are taking VERY GOOD care of other people’s children (best food, best education, best accommodation, best everything!). Meanwhile, there are millions of heterosexuals whose children are dying of hunger and curable diseases everyday.

            Thieves are allowed to raise children who are not their own, murderers are allowed to do the same, fornicators are allowed to do the same, haters with evil minds like you are even allowed to raise children who are not their own so why can’t gay people do the same?

            Get that weak comment out of my face!

          5. Can we get married already, Maame yaa? You are awesome! Show em how silly they sound when condemning homosexuals.

          6. Why do you resort to insults and get all emotional on intellectual discussion. If you have a point just state it. Let stop all this insults it does not help anyone.

          7. It is not gays who are begging to have these children remember? Straight people have them and don’t take care of them. who told you all gays want to raise children? By the way, there are many research papers that show that same sex couples raise children just as fine as heterosexual couplesand even in some cases better. There is enlightenment outside, do not deny yourself that knowledge, go get it and change your life as well as others. Thank you.

          8. Let me get you back on track you idiot! I don’t care about who the heck gave birth, my point is simple and clear: TWO WOMEN CAN RAISE A CHILD REGARDLESS OF THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Is that too hard to understand?!

          9. My dear if they want children let them produce their own so we will know they’re normal in case you don’t know a child raised by a single parent man or woman,or two women or two men is not a good thing all the spychologist will tell you this a child need male and female presence it is very important for is mental development,have you seen what happen to most children raised only by men or woman?they have abnormal social behaviours.So don’t come here and try to make us think that it is good to let a homosexual couple raised children they can never have because they have been foolish anought to let theirs flesh deceive them.Do you imagine what we become of this child?you people are crazy.

          10. Do you even hear yourself read what you wrote? I doubt you do, else you would have had it removed by now. How the heck does someone choose to stay uninformed in this day and age? You could not even spell “enough” right, maybe that tells something deeper about your ignorance.

          11. My friend stop being stupid and make your own points like a matured person.That he cant spell ‘enough’ doesn’t make your gay support stance any better.You support gayism and others don’t so why come out insulting them like the have committed some crime.

          12. George Bush was raised by two parents who are non gay. Do you consider him exemplary? How about tony Blair? Between the two of them more than 2 million people have been slaughtered. How about some of the killers of the past who were raised by straight parents? Look at Africa where gay parents barely exist. Would u call that a success? You are naive and ignorant if you think straight people make better parents than gays. Straight people have been raising kids for centuries. Look at the state of the world. Cut the nonsense your kaneshie market woman’s view of the world is pathetic and failing u. You dont think. You just rumble out any nonsense that forms in your stomach.

          13. I this you gay supporters are all fools. Why will any1 choose to be gay and adopt a child brought into this world by a man and a woman. Fools ppl like you sleep with men 2 and claim to be gay. Maame Yaa or whatever u call urself u can go and sleep with a dog no1 cares. Kwaasia

        2. Since I have been reading this blog I have NEVER read a better response to an issue than yours. Chris is sick and he knows it. Gays and lesbians want to force their sickness on everyone else. To show how abnormal homosexuality is have you seen a male dog have sex with another male dog? Or a goat or lion? Talk less of humans who ought to know better

          1. You are the sick one as it turns out. You are the one who doesn’t know better. You have no idea that homosexual acts are found in many hundreds of animal species on this planet. You have not read wide enough so sit down and let me teach you something. Homosexuality is very much part of human nature and they are influenced by the number of male children your mother has which could affect the chances of the next child being born gay. There are genes associated with gayness and that doesn’t mean they cause it, but people who are gays have them. There is nothing abnormal about homosexuality, what is abnormal is bigots like you bent on relegating them to the background, to the status of criminals which they are not. Gays are born that way, no one told you to love the opposite sex, you just knew and it’s same for gays, no one told them to love the same sex, they just grew up loving the same sex. This is not criminal, it is love. Let them love. Now love is illegal too?

      3. Leila who talked about killing here? and stop thinking that only people who believes in God,are against homosexuality i know a lot of athéist who are fully against it,it’s just a question of common sense,the world was meant for male and female not female and female or male and male ok? if you admit homosexuality is normal so you’re claiming two men and two woman can make a world and we know that is totally impossible.
        You can talk about liberty,tolerance as much as you want but at the end of the day the only thing that matter is surviving,homosexuality is an empty sexuality only meant to satisfy mentaly hill people flesh appetite.We human being should stop behaving like fools and for once trust God if truly he wanted us to be Gay or lesbians he would have made it possible physically,.But here we’re lesbians eating each other genital,and gays using theirs anus for what it is not meant for leading to very awfull health issues.
        And let me tell you if you accept homosexuals you will also have to accepts,zoophils,pedophils,necrophils and more because they will claims they also have the right to be happy with their sexual orientations.

        1. You are wrong with every sentence you spew.
          Accepting homosexuals as humans beings deserving of our collective love and respect does not mean the whole world is going to turn gay tomorrow. The number of gays in our societies is small and heterosexuals are not threatened by gays. How is showing another human being love a bad thing? I bet Jesus would disagree if he were here. You have committed several logical fallacies here but i will take just one and deal with it. You committed the slippery slope fallacy by assuming that if we treat gays equally with dignity then next pedophiles will be asking to have their rights to abuse children. You see those those instances are not the same with homosexuals, animals do not consent to sex with humans and children are too young to give consent. In the other cases there is a victim who has not consented to the sexual activity. How is an act between two consenting adults bothering you? There is no crime in that. so please stop equating homosexuality to beastiality, pedophilia etc…they are different and must be treated as such.

        2. Why do you resort to insults and get all emotional on intellectual discussion. If you have a point just state it. Let stop all this insults it does not help anyone.

        3. Arame thank u soo much for ur submission. that was intellectually on point. What fascinates me is that majority of these idiots (gays) end up with the opposite sex some in their lives when they are ready to raise a family. Its amazing how satan is manipulating people these days. Only mentally weak and sick people engage in such frivolity.

  2. The fact that somebody does something doesnt mean its right,stupid Chris.thats his opinion,respect it or deal with it!!Stop criticizing christians!!Why dont you write more about Islam too?Cos you are a boy and you’re scared!!!silly!!!

    1. To me he is stupid and you are too for defending his opinion. Not every opinion should be respect so learn that. If I wake up and its my opinion that children should be raped and I support female genital mutilation, should that opinion be respect? Twice wisely.

  3. I am a proud lesbian and it is such comments from Ghanaians who are supposed to know better that is why I don’t respect any of these people. So now Africans are more Christians than those who brought Christianity? Look at his face saying all that. This Stacy woman is ignorant for real.

    1. And as a proud bisexual woman who’s also a Christian, it saddens me that people can express such opinions. For goodness sake, if Christian denominations can believe different things, then it’s equally possible for some Christians to believe that Jesus accepts all persons including gays bis lesbians & straights. Let God be the judge (as the Pope said). In the same way that Jesus said (Matt 19) that ALL divorce is evil save occasioned by infidelity & yet we support people in abusive relationships to divorce, people should realize that the Bible isn’t interpreted literally by all Christians. Most of those who condemn lgbts don’t even know that before 1946, there was no word in the Bible like ‘homosexual’. Do your research, people!

      1. People like you makes me laught so loud,you are here fighting us as if we made the bible.Yes we don’t have the right to judge you but God as it and with him you won’t even have the time to open your mouth to talk nonsense.If you were a real christian you would have left your awfull behaviour behind in the name of God.Homosexuality is a sin in the bible there is no doubt about it.Now you have the choice or you stay a christian and leave lesbianism or you remains a lesbian an leave Christ,but you can never be both.God warmed us about serving too master homosexuality was never in God plans,for humanity . God is so fair he will have said it if it’s was the case.So as a lesbian you’re out of the plans of God.Thieves,killers,rapist they will all said only God can juge me but will all know their actions are bad.So repent before it too late you can discuss with us,some people will even jail you for years but ,in front of God you won’t even spend one second in paradise,so please think.

        1. My dear, the God I serve is perfectly fine with how I am so please concentrate on your own life & leave me to live my life & serve my God. After all, when I die, I won’t give account to you. Stay blessed!

      2. I wish i could give you several thumbs up. Am so proud of you two.
        keep living your life and forge ahead and keep schooling the bigots anytime you get the chance. You never know who might listen and actually go learn something that could change his/her life forever.
        Some of us have said some of these stupid things before and now we know better, obviously we learned and it is others who pointed out the holes in our logic that drove us to search for answers and now we are on the side of reason.

        1. You keep making noise about school, how much education do u have?? the fact that u can put words together to for a sentence does not make u soo knowledgeable. As a matter of fact i see gay ppl as the dumbest human beings on earth. Licking ur fellow woman’s private part does not make ur smart. wise up and stop fooling

        2. Thanks for the encouraging words Emperor. It’s ok, sometimes people need to learn more to overcome their ignorance

      3. Queen u call urself a christian? which part of the Bible do u read? I am not sure u read the Bible bcoz if u do you will be wise and not wallow in foolishness and ignorance. Ofcourse Jesus loves all person including homosexuals but the moment any gay accepts Jesus as his Lord and savior and Jesus takes his place in your heart – i tell you that gay syndrome in you will flee. So if u claim you are a christian and still believes in “homo” then you are deceiving urself

      4. kwasiabaa you are not a christain. you are religious person possessed by demons. stupid girl don’t mention you are a proud christain cos you taint christianity.

        1. and ama you’re a Christian when you call other people ‘stupid’ etc? May God have mercy on your soul. I’ll say a prayer for you today that God will fill your heart with love. take care 🙂

          1. the bible says you say that to one who deserve it and in this case you are stupid to call yourself a proud Christain


          1. Hmm @ SWEET another person who calls themselves a Christian yet can’t speak without insulting. By their fruits you shall know them, You can’t even obey Jesus’ basic instruction about ‘love your neighbor’ but you want to talk to me about my ‘sins’? May God give you more love.

      5. and Jesus accept people not evil acts like your stupid sexuality. may the Holy Ghost fire arrest you wherever you are now in Jesus name

        1. sweetheart, if you had the Holy Spirit in you, your language would be filled with compassion, not with insults & pride. Please take time to reflect on your own life rather than pointing fingers. God made me perfect & I’m very comfortable with my sexuality. & even if my sexuality were a sin (which it isn’t) it certainly won’t be any worse than the hatred in your heart which inspired you to call me stupid etc.

          1. Your words show the hatred in your heart. A person with God’s love in their hearts doesn’t use words like kwasia baa which u called me. May God forgive u for heaping abuse on me when i didnt attack u in anyway. Please concentrate on your own sins cos you’re not perfect. My sins are not greater than yours & u are not better rhan me. Leave me to live my life in peace-the one who made me loves me just as I am

        2. I wonder why Queen Ekuba and AkosuaGhana feel the need to insult Christians. And it’s very irritating how they feel the need to justify their actions by categorising all Christians in one hateful group.

        1. I don’t understand why AkosuaGhana and Queen Ekuba feel the need to insult. If they honestly want to be taken seriously, they need to talk in a respectful manner rather than spewing insults out. As a very young person, I’m shocked at the behaviour that some of the adults here are showing.

    2. My dear this is your life,you will give account to God once you die you are here fighting with us humans being,but we’re not the problem God is, when you face him,you won’t have any chance to talk back or explain you homosexuality.And please stop blaming christians yes we’re christians and proud of it, for your information christianity is not a western beliefs but find is origins in orient,not in Europe,and you should be thinking us christians because if was in the old days where ancient fake gods were still worship you people will have been killed,for abomination and your bodies will have been thrown away in the evil forest,we christians are very tolerante because of Christ but neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr we will support your madness neverrrrrrrrr,as a woman you are meant for a man this want God made you with a vagina and this is all,now if you want to tell us it’s not true,so you’re the one being unfair with yourself,my dear repent before it’s too late God is not a legend he is real.

    3. Who cares if u are lesbian. You are just a spoilt brat. What do you know about africans and christianity. Before christianity came to africa our 4father already knew God. Just as western christianity serve God through Jesus Christ, so did our 4father served him through deity-which is why they mention Gods name first during libation. If you must know most of the things (acts) that constitute abomination in most african tradition goes hand-in-hand with the rules in the Bible. Have u ever head that sleeping with sum1’s wife, stealing, getting pregnant b4 marriage etc were all 4bidden in a typical african tradition? all these are rules u will find in the Bible, so in the absent of western christianity, HOMOSEXUALITY would have still been a forbidden act in the african society. Akusua or whatever ur name is wise up and stop fooling urself.

      1. That was what my father was telling me. He said that before Christianity came to Africa, our forefathers already new of the existence of a higher being(known as Nyame).

      2. But head hunting and raiding villages and killing its citizens or selling them into slavery was not forbidden. Do you want to go back there and live under that time? The Nyame of Africans required human sacrifices and blood worship. Judging by your comment you would have been sacrificed, because of your stupidity, to the Nyame.

  4. Chris, I always feel sorry for you (in a good way) because you are dealing with a group of ignorant people who by chance have got access to internet. They dont use this to educate themselves. Did Africans write the Bible? So we know now the Bible more than the white man. WTF

  5. Read the new testament and be more enlightened and stop focusing on the old testament only to make your point. There are a lot of things in the old testament that Jesus spoke against in the new testament. You have your beliefs and so does Majid, learn to respect his and stop calling he and his wife names.

      1. Where in the new tastement does Jesus mention of homosexuals? Point us to it on here you liar. Jesus never talked about homosexuals anywhere in the new testament. The rules against homosexuals is from the old testament so if the old testament is in valid then the sentiments you share about homosexuals borne out of the bible is also invalid

        1. If you would please read the statement I made(just scroll down and you will see it), you would clearly see that I’m tolerant of Gays. And why would you call me a liar? Your statement right there really goes to show how mature you really are when someone expresses their beliefs about homosexuality.

          1. You guys are a joke. You can read the same thing and come up with something else.

            Here is what ROM.1: 24-32 says

            “They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.”

            Do you not see yourself here? You lack understanding. You have no love and so far have shown no mercy. So doesn’t that passage also condemn you too.

          2. Which bible do you use that you did not see Rom.1:26-27 and i quote ”For this reason God gave them up to vile passions.For their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.Likewise also the men,leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful,and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due”Yes what you wrote above is there too if you read from verse 24-32, but that does not make homosexuality right.Is like telling me because a group of people are stealing,is also right for other group to kill or vice versa,what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong

          3. Then my your argument what does that make you? You who have no love, have disobeyed your parents and have no mercy? If you want to apply the bible go all out. Don’t pick and choose.

        2. You are lost Akosua. the new testament is not a new Bible its just completes the old testament ok so if the old testament forbids gayism-its still as valid as any tin in the new testament. You are already an ignoramus so please do me a favor make ur argument without referring to the Bible ok

        3. And if you were who you were, you wouldn’t be going around insulting a person—especially someone who is far younger than you. Although I’m in my teens, I showed you nothing but respect and did not disregard your argument. But what do you do to someone like me? You go about making claims that I’m a liar without much proof which really goes to show how “developed and understanding” of an individual you truly are.

  6. Chris, just come out of the closet. not everyone has to love homosexuality you are really pushing this down our troat

  7. Even in the absence of the bible the rational mind knows that certain things are unnatural therefore as spirit beings it becomes an abomination. Even if the European didn’t bring us the bible we know in our guts that this is sick and demonic. There should be no debate between Holy Spirit filled Christians and unbelievers. There are some who are aware of the spirit truth and choose not to be bothered by it, and some that are so demonized that they will die as such. We just got to pray for them. Demon possessed mothersuckers

  8. ok so this is a bull if being a homosexual is bad.wat would you say abt women that are born with mens genitalia .wat are they . would you classify them as an abomination as well . these people as little in number as they do exist . are you trying to say God made a mistake with them.cos most of these transgender people date men.wat would you them gay because they are attracted to men and women .but they are women born with a mans genialia .

    1. Its called intersex and it is a birth DEFECT. If you research a little you will find out that the female clitoris is a “mini” penis. almost all clitoris extend about 6 inches into the female body (that is about the size of a male penis). Chemical reactions and hormonal imbalances could be the causes of this defects in intersex individuals( that is the clitoris extending more than usual). It is erroneous to conclude that it is a normal thing or how God or nature designed them. Its a defect just as like children born with cleft, a whole in the heart, an extra finger or cojoined twins
      nobody is born a homosexual! Inability to control urges, curioisity, unhealty exhibition of free will, teenage rebellion, not wanting to conform to societal norms are some of the reasons why people try homosexuality. There are also incidence of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as a result of rape, sexual abuse and exploitation by a caregiver or figure of authority.
      No matter how much hollywood tries to sell homosexuality by including it in all their recent tv series and other media products homosexuality is not normal. It is a mental condition. SUFFERERS should seek counselling

    2. I hope you know that what you’re talking about is considered as birth defect an illness,that requires a lot medical care.You see what you’re reduce too,you people are claiming Gay is normal and to prove your point,your compare homosexuality with anomalies,you people are lost for real.
      This is what caused a avock in France lately we said adoption is for couples who can’t have children because of infertility,considered like a illness, so if gay want to adopt too this means they’re ill too because normal people can have children.You see whatever you does it will always backfire against your ideas.

  9. So Majid Michel wants to go to Hollywood? With this article by Chris on the web and the video comments, he should know his career will only stay in Ghana and Nigeria. No Hollywood house will ever want to work with his ignorant butt. These actors don’t think before they talk. You have shot yourself in the foot

    1. What should profite a man to gain the world if he loses his soul??? kudos to Majid,and don’t be foolish not everyody in hollywood is in support of homosexuality so calm down.

  10. @Akosua Ghana,i personally think you are brainless and empty and cannot read.If you were really schooled and can really read what i meant is that we may not all make the same choices about things but we need to respect each others opinion.Am christian and detest homosexuality but if you are gay,that is your choice and i just have to respect that and you have to do cant dislike some1 for expressing him/herself,fool.learn to read well and understand before saying stupid stuff

    1. Exactly! As a Christian, I will be tolerant towards homosexuals but will not condemn them because it is not my place to do so. And we should all be able to freely express our beliefs without others bashing us for it just as Pro-Gay and homosexuals are allowed to do so. It’s become a double standard society we live in now.

  11. This is ridiculous. Why is he always going after Christianity and not Islam, Judaism or some other religion.

    And it’s not fair that Majid is not allowed to have his own beliefs and share them without getting bashed and crucified for it. As a Christian, I’m not for homosexuality because my faith says so, but I’m not going to condemn homosexuals because it’s not my right to do such a thing. All I can do is tolerate since it’s their life and it’s not my place to tell them how to live their life. Through tolerance, I’ve made friends who are homosexuals and have looked past it because at the end of the day, they’re humans regardless of anything else and they have free will. So they’re allowed to believe in whatever they want to believe in without someone like me blasting them.

  12. Chris
    Don’t stress yourself out. A simple ‘Majid who?” would have suffice. Opinions are like assholes everybody has one. Including Majid. So let him spew his nonsense. After all he’s a nobody, just a Ghanaian pretender in front of made in china cameras and straight to dvd videos. Since when have the opinions of nobodies like Ghanaians, mattered? On the world stage nary an opinion from Ghana matters.
    The world is the final arbiter and it is embracing the differences in sexualities. Ghanaians can squeal and scream all they want. It won’t make a damn difference. And because they don’t matter it wouldn’t stop the world from progressing either. And to further prove their ignorance, they’ll continue to wear clothes and accessories design by the same gay people they hate. Do you believe any of them will refuse a life saving operation from a gay doctor? Or even an ordinary handout?
    What do you call a homophobic Ghanaian who wears Ralph Klein, D&G, Versace, Armani and channel? IGNORANT!!
    When a Ghanaian, whose contribution to the world is minimal, makes statements like these, we should laugh and pity him. It shows the depth and intelligence we are dealing with. It is no wonder their movies are equally shallow and plain. In Majid’s case the lights are off in Ghana and no one is home.
    This is also very rich coming from people who hold such pathetic beliefs, that Obinim can pass himself off as a pastor without condemnation.
    Let them rave and rant. It wouldn’t matter a bit. In the grand scheme of things, the Ghanaian thought is no more relevant than an ant’s fart!!
    Look at the advances in life in the realm of “the gay” and compare it to the “advances” in the world of the homophobes. They wish Ghana was more gay. It would be FABULOUS instead of the shit hole filled with churches.

    1. What does is say about you who is still stuck in your primitive skins and thoughts? Whom should you believe? Those making technological leaps to improve the world and lives? Or the mediocre minds who can’t even provide electricity and good drinking water for themselves. The ones lining up to get visas to come clean our airports and toilets? Me and my house shall serve science and discovery. I will leave the superstitious nonsense to those with caveman mentality in the 21st century. It’s a shame we cannot deport all of them back to their backward village in the backwater regions of Africa. So the can sniff each other’s butts and scream praise God like the deranged beasts they are. I find it particularly insulting that a ghanaian who didn’t have to suffer any of the abuses the slaves and minorities suffered has the audacity to condemn others. Who the hell do they think they are? Someone should tell them the society they work and live in was built by both straight and gay alike. If they don’t like it they should go back to their forests and eat their grubs and leaves. A ghanaian homophobic? Nonsense! What do they know to be anything but pathetic opportunists?

      1. Ahahahah,you’re ridiculeous you think in western countries everybody is defending homosexuality? most of people are against it,they don’t defend theirs points like us africans because they are afraids of what could happens to them it’s so obvious homosexuals are surprotected.
        So you with your so call science that can’t cure death or human stupidity leave us alone we’re defending our culture.And let me tell you that even atheist are against it christians are not the majority of homosexuals haters,Atheist are. mister science come again or shut up.

        1. Hey a**hole
          Who the f**k gave you, a green monkey, the right to judge anyone? I have read a lot of your nonsense here. You are super ignorant if you believe death ought to be cured. What abyss did you crawl out of? Science has tried to cure your stupidity but science can not cure those not born with brains of their stupidity. Baring the replacement of the dead tissue in your head with a baboons brain you are beyond help. If there was a god he would have made you and your rest of bronze age mouth breathers commenting against gay people here smarter than algae or amoebae. Rather than continuing spewing your garbage ask your God to give you a brain so that you may get it that the same God that creates hemaphrodites and other diversities can create gay people. Only obtuse, stone age idiots believe gays are an abomination. Blacks are an abomination if I were a white man. If you idiots knew anything you’ll know a grouper can change its sex, even as an adult. A snail can self reproduce. There are many complexities in the world your insidious brains cannot fathom. You and the rest of your ignorant Ghanaians should have some humility and shut up about gay people for a change. After all one gay guy or girl is worth more than 20000 of you and your bible thumpers.
          It’s very rich to see Africans attacking people for their sexual orentiations considering the massive handicap of Africans. That’s what you call cajones. Like obinim lecturing pope Francis about the origin of the church. People who without gay people would be wiping their asses with leaves and walking around naked have the audacity to condemn them. Leave gay people alone and go cure your diseased and filthy country. Fix your corrupt and non performing government.
          The truth is the world has come to expect Africans to behave exactly like this on sexuality. After all they had the same attitude towards Hiv. Believing taking showers and sleeping with virgins will cure them. The African mindset such as yours isn’t matured enough to deal with the complexities of sexuality. It’s only good for consuming saturated fats and excess glutton.
          Finally I will say as a non gay person that you and your lot are irrelevant to the gay people worldwide. As African you are as irrelevant and remain irrelevant. The sooner you get that the better you will feel. As the saying goes lions don’t give a fuck about opinions of ungulates. Gay people don’t care about some irrelevant sod from some backwater village in Africa.
          Now sod off!

  13. Say whatever you want,homosexuality is madness and stop blaming african even here in Europe homosexuality is not accepted by people don’t be fooled by what you see on TV i was born in Europe and raised over there so i know what i’m talking about,so calm down on africans because even here in France we don’t defend this madness most of white people i know are fully against ,it’s a question of good sense we’re not all mad and lost in western countries.

    1. And you are sane? How? When did you leave the asylum? You were born in Europe and still think like this? Let me guess you grew up in a ghetto? Where you were picked on for not being man enough so you need to pick on someone? You have no sense if you think gayness is madness. Perhaps you need to finish your education and stop acting stupid. Gay people are more sane than you and your stupid lot. After all you don’t see them complain about the sexual orientation of heterosexuals. If you live in France and you think like this then you’ve let a great intelligence pass you by. Much like the rest of the idiots living abroad and yet talking like they live in caves in Africa.

  14. I don’t know why fools like you believe every nonsense this scientist put out there. If lower class animals practice homosexualism, then its ok 4 humans to do same huh? Why don’t you go marry a dog after all we belong to the same family. You ppl fool too much

  15. Yes KKD, I call myself a Christian & I use the same Bible you use which says LOVE your neighbor & don’t JUDGE & it saddens me that as someone who calls himself a Christian, you can’t make a comment without using words like ‘foolish’. I have read my Bible, I know that we do not live in the Old Testament with its condemnation, I also know that there was no such word as ‘homosexual’ in the Bible before 1946, that when Paul used the word ‘arsenokoites’ which has been translated into ‘homosexual’ today, he was referring to temple prostitutes & child molesters not adults in monogamous same sex relationships. At the end of the day, I’ll not render account to you when I die so please live your life & let me live mine in peace. Blessings!

    1. They are absolutely necessary when dealing with people who believe they have the right to persecute other people because some bronze age book told them so. In the world we live in the worse thing you can do is to tolerate the intolerant. Since I cannot reached through the screen and smack him, I can only verbally assault him. If someone had done that to all the persecutors of minorities through out the ages rather than coddle them, lots of people would be alive today.

  16. Nonsense if there is any abomination human being in this world or Ghana, it is EWES. Gays are perfectly fine. Majid himself is gay so what is he talking about. Foolish Ghanaian lunatics like Majid condemning gays yet he wears D&G. He doesn’t know what is is saying same as that ignorant Stacy woman married to that fat bastard of a man.

    1. Why does it always have to be about tribalism? This is about HUMANS in general and not the Ewes—such an ignorant claim to make in the first place. And why do you think that it’s your right to go about judging others? How would it help you if you keep making negative judgmental assumptions about other people’s opinions on homosexuality?

      1. @Arame a Hmmmmmm these atheists are something else

        People like I am that I am would be attacking gay people and then say shit about ewes
        So much for tolerancem…….

    2. And I also wonder why Pro-homosexuals are up in arms about his statement. Those are his beliefs and just as you are entitled to yours, he should also be entitled to his.

  17. Chris you are worrying yourself writing intelligent articles for non-intelligent Ghanaians who do not even have electricity in 21st century because they are animals. How will they think beyond bible says this or that? Now, with all their bible what have they achieved? The white man with all their gay people have achieved all there is and every year you go to the gays to beg for money (aid). Common clean water you people don’t have some to drink. And those living abroad and insulting gays they are just foolish. Why don’t you live the country of the gays and go back to your Ghana? You want gay money? idiots

  18. Here is an idea, we should all apply these sins to those Christians here and see how many of them will be left standing.

    How many of you were married as virgins? How many of you have never worn gold, braided your hair or worn costly attires? How many have never had lobster, shrimps or shell fish? How many of you have never worn polyester or any fabric blend? How many of you have never rounded off the sides of your head hair or beards? How many of you have never eaten fat or pork? Have you never mixed meat with dairy? Have you ever planted more than one kind of seed in the field? Have you worked on the Sabbath? And I don’t mean sunday. Have you failed to include salt in offerings to God? Have your torn up your clothes? Have you gone to church within 33 days after giving birth to a boy and 66 days for a girl? Have you stolen? Remember working with other peoples papers, living under false identity and living without papers is all theft.

    If any of you can pass this test, then you can cast the first stone. Else go and hide under your rock and stop pretending you are not a sinner.

  19. It’s not right of her to do that. So much for tolerance when she’s not even showing respect and listening to the other side.
    I’m tolerant and have gay and lesbian friends—I have learned to look past their sexual preferences because they are just as human as I am. And it is not my place to preach them how they should live their life.

  20. He does not support homosexuality but you do
    You don’t believe in a God but He does
    So what is your problem now
    The same way you freely express your views on why it is ridiculous to believe there is a God is the same way he is expressing his views on why he thinks homosexuality is an abomination.. So let it be.
    Wo ha adwen dodo

  21. First of all, i believe everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.. He has said what he feels is right, so has the editor of this page and so has everyone of you in this comment. The only reason this has gone out and pissed a lot of people off is because he said this openly. How about people who believe this same thing and keep such thoughts back. How exactly do you think you can change the world with what you all think?
    For the writer of this, Please before you use bible passages to defend things, kindly do a little more research. Understand for the benefit of others that there is a difference between the Law and the spirit, there still are things like Grace, Mercy, Love, Light, Life most of all there is Judgement.
    As Christians, we don’t go around spreading hate and harsh comments about the nature of people, we go on spreading the word of love to all that they may see the love of God through us that all men will come fully to Him (God). Permit me to say with all due respect that neither Majid’s, your’s or this blog has done justice to this matter….
    I know that not every one will agree with all i have said but like i said, not one of these comments will change anything. However, for the truth, Kindly look for the word of God by the help of the Spirit to know how such things are handled rather than sharing man’s failed and flawed opinions.

    I rest the case.

  22. I wonder why sane pple who get dress every morning r misinterpretating de Bible n woman r supporting dys evil n disgusting acts.God in his on sense created humans ie a man n a woman so why didn’t he creates man to man or woman to woman hmmmm modernization mkes us think we r better of Dan God that sin is being embrace n anyone who think Gayism is not gud is branded idiot all in de name of opinion.ofcourse everyone is entitled to his or her opinion so why dys insult.wat u like is someone dislike so if u accept n I don’t must u call me names den u dnt understand de word dear friends dnt waste tym explaining thins to a deaf person cuz he wudnt understand n lets try to protect our loving family frm dys disgusting behavior.i wont give birth to a child n nature him or her for de child to become one of dys so dey can do or let ser children get involved.May Jehovah God 4gives Dem for thinking de Bible is a myth n wat of de Quoran cuz de all hate gayism.