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See How This UK Bishop Announced His Wife’s Infidelity To His Parish | In Their Newsletter

James Wilson and wife
James Wilson and wife

They often tell us ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. The truth is when it comes down to it men are really no different; and a man smarting from rejection is as prone to lashing out just as much as any woman.

Mail Online tells the story of 54 year old James Wilson, churchwarden of St Bartholomew’s church in Westhoughton. A lay bishop and editor of the parish newsletter, he took advantage of his position to pen an exposé on his wife’s extracurricular activities and put it in the newsletters latest edition.

‘Heartless Story’ was the title he gave to the piece. He began by telling his parishioners what his ‘wife of 20 years’ had done.

He wrote…

‘She was constantly out till all hours most nights, coming home with flowers, even a teddy bear that went to bed with her and sat on my bed 24/7.

‘She would go missing for days at a time. It was blatantly obvious she was having an affair… and she came home from him and got in my bed.

‘How cold is that dear reader? It’s heartless, cruel and just not on. Talk about rubbing it in my face.’

‘I understand relationships end … but to make the decision on your own, then go and jump into the first bed that comes along is wrong.’

Alyson, his wife, had the affair with her ex, a former policeman. She has since left the matrimonial home. Wilson says he decided to write his woes in the magazine because he wants to ‘help other people in an adulterous relationship. It’s the most heinous of crimes to a human being’

The church yanked the copies of the newsletter not long after it was published. They said whilst they understand his hurt, it was totally inappropriate to vent his frustrations in the church newsletter.

It’s quite funny how hurt can often make us lose use of all our faculties. This was a five page tirade, which must have taken a while to write. Not once did he think what I’m doing is not exactly the right reaction a grown man should have to being cheated on.

James Wilson says he has commenced divorce proceedings against his wife.

James Wilson


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