Three Arrested in Connection With Arranged Marriage Of A 9 Year Old Girl To A 56 Year Old Man in Ghana


It’s a real shame that we still have to deal with cases like these despite the age we live in; but it is an accepted fact that change is often a slow process, and for some people they might never change at all.

Doesn’t make it right, it’s just the way it is. All that shows is that often us humans when we get something drilled into us, there is little that can be done to get it out, sometimes even when the belief defies all logic.

A Daily Guide report describes how a 9 year old girl’s stepfather connived with a 56 year old man in their neighbourhood to marry the girl off to him. The incident occurred in Domiento, a farming community in the Bunkpurugu Yooyo district in the North of Ghana.

More tragically, a 25 year old sister of the victim, who was pregnant, vehemently opposed the arrangement, along with other family members. Her own brother, who was in agreement with the forced marriage and is believed to have been benefitting from it, clubbed her to death for her resistance.

Police in town acted swiftly when informed of the incident, arresting the two parties who arranged the marriage, as well the callous brother who clubbed his own sister to death.

The stepfather who arranged the marriage insists he was doing the right thing, as it was in line with customs and practices in the area.

That’s the scary thing though, he’s right. Arranged marriages are the norm in some cultures up there- so to men like this guy they see absolutely nothing wrong with it, since that’s what they’ve always known.

But it’s difficult to process that a 9 year old girl would be sold off like livestock, to go commence married life, often to men their fathers’ or grandfathers’ ages.

If criminal charges are brought and these offenders are prosecuted, it should serve as a warning that civilised society would not condone such horrible behaviour. Harsher measures should be brought to bear to protect those who cannot protect themselves, such as 9 year old girls forced into marriage.


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