Moesha Boduong Vrs Joselyn Dumas’ Easter Sunday Hips Competition…And the Winner Is?

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Moesha Boduong
Moesha Boduong

Hips they say don’t lie—and even though we know whose face is lying to us, we are struggling to pick a winner in today’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie Competition’ between the two actresses-Moesha Boduong and Joselyn Dumas.

Joselyn Dumas is known for her wild hips and it seems Moesha Boduong is a growing competition in that area—though she shouldn’t ever attempt to compete in the face area.

Anyway, for those of you looking for any of these amazing hips, just eat a lot of Dominican Cheese—because we hear it does magic. You must be over 18 years to get into this and only do so if you are a virgin with a boyfriend—else it won’t work.

Why does it seem like Moesha Boduong needs to do number 2 when she is just in a room full of such facilities? She must be breathing in hard…

Flip to the next page for Joselyn Dumas’s Hips Don’t Lie photo and tell us who is your winner…


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  1. I don’t know when we started comparing nitwits with established actresses. What movie has moesha shot? We call her an actress now? No wonder people think all actresses are idiots because indeed most of the idiots in Ghana call themselves actresses.
    Moesha who? What? Must have lost her brains in the pit where she got those hips done.
    I am not a big Joslyn fan but I sympathise with her for being categorised with this one on the first slide.