PHOTOS: Have You Heard of Tongue Splitting? | The New Trending Catching Up Like FIRE

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Tongue Splitting
Tongue Splitting

For those of us who fear pain and love our body to the extent that we cannot even take a tattoo, this may seem absurd to us—but to body modification enthusiasts, ‘Tongue Splitting’ is a new trending catching up across Europe and America.

Also known as tongue bifurcation, it is a type of body modification in which the tongue is cut centrally from its tip to as far back as the underside base, forking the end. In the late 1990s tongue splitting was almost unheard of but it’s gaining extreme popularity today with several young people getting it done.

Looking at the photos below, is tongue splitting something you would ever consider? Apparently, the tongue acts as two separate muscles, so it can have independent movement…

Check out photos of tongue splitting below and tell us what you think…