Scientists Develop Aluminium Battery That Can Charge Fully In ONE MINUTE

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Scientists Develop Aluminium Battery
Scientists Develop Aluminium Battery

This is not a drill.

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a new aluminium-ion battery, which they claim can charge to full capacity under one minute.

Currently most devices run on lithium-ion batteries, which take a few hours to charge. The lead scientist, Hongjie Dai, describes the new battery as ‘inexpensive, good safety, high speed charging, flexibility, and long life cycle”

The only problem, it packs half the voltage of the current lithium batteries. Considering those generally last 8-12 hours, it doesn’t seem like these new batteries can last for more than 6 hours before needing another charge.

That’s the next thing the team would work on. But if it comes to convenience, nothing can beat a battery that charges under one minute.