OMG…People Can Be Mean | Fan Tells Menaye Donkor to Get Her Own Child After Posting A Photo Of Herself Holding A Baby

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Menaye Donkor
Menaye Donkor

Since Menaye Donkor married Sulley Muntari, fans and some family members of Sulley Muntari have been on her butt—asking that she pops out some kids quick, instead of what they claim as digging into Muntari’s cash.

First, many thought she was putting her career before making a family; and this sort of got some people thinking, she just married Muntari for the money and fame.

But recently, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told that, the couple have been trying to have a baby with difficulties. In fact, we’ve been told they continue to see doctors—and the lack of child nearly led to the collapse of their relationship.

More recently, Menaye Donkor has been really MIA on social media which has fueled rumours that she is pregnant—going the Nadia Buari off the media style.

A few hours ago, Menaye Donkor posted a photo of her self and a child; saying, she loves chubby babies—and a fan came straight for her, saying, she should go out there and have her own kid instead of parading the kids of others on social media.

This actually hurts—considering the speculation that Menaye Donkor has been trying to have a baby without any success.

Anyway, flip to the nextpage to see the photo she posted and exactly what the fan wrote… 

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  1. That’s such a mean comment to make. This is one of the most painful situations for any married woman. There is no need to mock Menaye. I hope she gets her own child one day.

  2. What on earth has this pretty lady done to deserve this kind of insult….this comment was extremely distasteful and mean…

  3. Children are a gift and at the right time she will have them. But come to think of it is GC not part of media that has consistently written about her childlessness? You are part of the problem! So stop the pretence.

  4. Ghanafuo and their nonsense. There are many children running around in ghana without “pieto” and food. They live in squalor and abject poverty. But the Ghanaian brain continues to push the nonsense that a woman should be defined by what came out of her. When you cannot take care of the ones already alive and breathing does it make sense to push for this nonsense? To paraphrase Einstein the only thing infinite is the level of African stupidity. Can anyone argue that kids walking around aimlessly at chorkor, Jamestown and labadi are prized possession? I will take a childless and accomplished woman over any of the bastard makers in Africa. We have to jettison this moribund idea that baby making is all there is to the world. That was the belief of old people and often uneducated people who knew next to nothing about the world. No serious discoverer or accomplished individual succeeded in their fields because they made babies. Sulley muntari should be a man and state categorically that he loves his wife with or without a baby. However if he wants to just have baby just to fit in, he should seek one of those over fertile baby making machines and drop his semen. That’s it.
    menaye If you are reading this just tell your harassers to go jump of a cliff. There earth is overpopulated as it is so you are doing the planet a great service. Tell them you are trading carbon footprint for all the useless and aimless bastards who are already walking around in Africa.
    The day Africans start thinking using the grey matter instead of their stomachs and cocks the continent will move forward.
    A white person doesn’t treat childlessness the same way Africans do. And they are the ones who can afford them. Black person feels the need to procreate whether it is needed or not and leave the mess to governments, uncles, aunts and strangers to clean up. If we want to be treated as humans instead of like animals who do things by instincts, we should lay off this nonsense.
    I have many friends who are childless by choice and they are living better lives than the whole country of ghana. They have vacations homes, boats etc. They are global travellers and very enlightened. They also support many global initiatives including feeding, clothing and providing medicine to kids of others.
    Now who is the better person? These people ? Or those who created the kids the world cannot afford?
    Those who chastised menaye for not having a child are just ignorant and uneducated a**holes. This is the 21st century. A woman can be accomplished elsewhere and doesn’t need a baby to be validated. Only primitive and backward people think otherwise.
    Finally I have also met many people in my life and not all of them a prized assets. In some cases a tissue paper or a condomn would have save the world and society. So stop this nonsense.

  5. just on point. You think deeply we need people like this in our primitive and backward minded country as Ghana. Recently I was chatting with a friend and I asked him what he will do if the lady he is just about getting married to is medically proven to be barren? The reply he gave was disheartening and jaw dropping. He told me point blank he would have cancelled the wedding. I was very heart broken to get such a response from a man I deemed educated and responsible who has a woman he is dating. According to him the woman should have informed her on time for him to decide whether he wanted such a woman or not. The amusing and stupid part is if any woman can’t bring forth then she had had countless abortions which i consider as shallow thinking yet there are virgins who got married and realized they were barren, so are there woman who have had how many abortions God knows yet they keep making babies. These are issues that are complicated even when a girl gets candida infection commonly called white and is not treated properly over a period of time can cause barrenness. what the F I don’t understand is why the woman the only person pointed when there is no issue in marriage. Some man are as infertile as hell yet they shut up and allow the insults to be poured on their wives because of self cent-redness. It high time these primitive way of reasoning is relegated to the background if not the doldrums otherwise street-ism will reach its climax because every fool wanna have children yet they ain’t ready to be parents and wont care if another child is suffering cos all they care about is procreating like Guinea pigs. Its only in Africa that respect is given to women who have a lot of children who are not properly feed over a well positioned woman who has none yet takes care of other peoples own. The earlier we change our thinking the better for our continent.

    1. The man who told you that is getting married for the wrong reasons. You tell him women are more than baby making machines. You should also ask him if it turns out that his sperm count is low, should the woman he loves ditch is ignorant ass?
      You can take the man out of African but you cannot take the African out of the man. I see many of them here and I laugh. The cruel joke is some of these are professors and have Phds. They ought to know better. But then someone explained to me that most were fast tracked from their villages through the Ghanaian university and then to Canada/US/UK universities. So the village way of thinking never actually left them. What they do best is chew, pour and pass and get their phds. Nothing outside of the travelled path comes to them. They are like automatons who can recite pi to the last digit. But ask them about it’s usage and you’ll get a blank stare or wrong pronouncements because their ego cant handle the truth that they don’t know. These are the representatives of Africa at world conferences and global forum on how to solve the problems in Africa. Now you know why they can’t solve anything. Because their “bankyeasi” experience also makes them incapable of living the full life in the west. The type of life that gives you a complete understanding of why the system here works. They live in their mental ghettos. Nothing “un African” comes in.
      Take art(opera, museums, musicals, plays and sculptures), how many of these African elites know anything or for that matter participate in it to understand its contribution to the society.
      They don’t. They live in their little communities, associate with other Africans and shun the outside world. Ask any of them what do they see when they stand in front of a Michelangelo or a Botticelli? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Or when they listen to jazz what sort of inspiration do they get? Nothing! How about when they taste wine ? Nothing!. And yet the west has built on just these things whole industries. They visit las vegas, broadway, the west end, napa valley and bordeaux but don’t know what roles these places play in the western economy.
      In short even those educated Africans cant think outside their narrow scopes of thought. They are blind to the world outside of African beliefs and practices. So their nonsense continues.
      Boiling a woman down to what has come out of her womb is the despicable. But we shouldn’t be surprised. Considering the source of such thoughts. Even when they are educated and live in the west. They are no more advanced in their thinking than Bishop obinim.