Liar & Bad Parent? | Efya’s Mother Says She Has Never Seen Her Daughter Smoke So It’s All A LIE While the Singer Told Us Last Year She Truly Smokes

Efya and her mother
Efya and her mother

In 2012, there were speculations that Ghanaian musician-Efya was into hard core drugs–-she came out at the time to deny doing such drugs while insisting that she only smokes CIGARETTES.

Speaking to Hitz Entertainment in 2012, Efya said “I don’t use narcotics before my performance, after my performance, through my performance and during the day. I don’t do drugs, me, my name is E-F-Y-A and I do not do drugs,”.

She continued “I don’t know why people say I do drugs, nobody out there who has said that I do drugs has ever seen me do it. I can swear down and tell you that because I don’t do drugs. I smoke cigarettes, I do that you see me doing it when I’m out it’s my thing but nobody can judge me on that but the thing is I don’t do drugs,”.

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She added, “I have heard this; I have heard it over and over since the University but the thing is nobody has ever come out with any kind of solid evidence that I do drugs.”

So Efya herself admitted to smoking but her mother- Nana Adwoa Awindor of ‘Greetings from Abroad’ fame, has come out this week to say, she has never seen her daughter smoke—sort of saying it never happens instead of advising her.

This the definition of a bad parent. Efya has on record admitted to smoking and many people have confirmed seeing her smoking—others even allege she smokes too much weed and here is her mother saying this.

Even if you have never seen her smoking, what about checking her lips, her smell and more importantly, asking her?

JOY Fm reports that, Efya’s mother who is a Development Queenmother of Afigya-Kwabre District, said it is not fair to concoct stories about her daughter with no evidence. “You need to know, you need to see it, you need to appreciate it. If you don’t have the information you don’t go peddling it,” Nana Adwoa Awindor stressed.

She noted that, “I have not seen my daughter smoking before… so how can I go tell people she does? So if people haven’t seen it and I have asked a lot people ‘have you talking about it, seen her doing something like that before?’ If you say yes, then fine you have seen it, I haven’t so I don’t have to go peddling it.”

She also stated that “So if somebody dedicates his or her life to be in show business just to entertain us…we should be there for the people as well but within the show business you realise that there is competition there is so much of those squabbles and so some of the stories are created within…and of course our media loves [negative stories] and so sometimes they take it up and blow it beyond proportion.”

REALLY? She deserves to win the best parent of the year award!


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