Man Pours Acid On Ex-Girlfriend Because Pastor Told Him She Was The Cause Of His Frequent Illness


This is barbaric, but more so idiotic and both the man and that pastor need to be held responsible for this attack.

A 22 year old lady is now left with severe burns, needing an astronomical amount of money to carry out plastic surgery; because of that idiotic reliance on religion and superstition that’s gradually sinking this continent.

The victim said the perpetrator, one Kwabena Fosu, was an ex-boyfriend. He told her a pastor had revealed to him that she was behind his constant battle with sickness, and that she was spiritually profiting off of that.

With this information, he came to the ladies’ house at Abeka Lapaz in Accra, and poured acid on her whilst she was sleeping!

Anita lost her left eye, whilst other parts of her body hurt in the attack includes her right hand, thighs, and neck.

Apparently, the surgery she needs now is priced at Ghc 15,000; that’s just a tad under $5,000.

I just cannot believe we consistently refuse to apply those brains we say God has given us. We rely so much on these ‘men of god’ they just manipulate people, telling you what you want to hear.

Seriously, both these guys need to be arrested, made to bear the cost of surgery and ruthlessly prosecuted. We need to put a stop to this kind of idiotic barbarism.

Your pastor doesn’t know any more about your life than you already do.


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