Joselyn Dumas’ VGMA Hips & Social Media : People Say She Actually BLOATED Her Hips With Whatever + See Their Evidence

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Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas

Though the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards did not live to expectation, as always, it was fun on social media last night with comments flying all around—and Joselyn Dumas at one point became the talk of the internet.

Most commenters on Facebook and Twitter alleged that her hips have been bloated—and to prove this, they started sharing her normal day photos and comparing them to how she was looking at 2015 VGMA.

It’s impossible to think she will do that but to for those who alleged this is the case, they surely had some good photos to back their case.

And the red carpet host-Amanda Jissah was not left alone, she was compared to all sort of things—including straight bottle water.

Now, check out some of what people had to say below…

Joselyn Dumas2

Jolseyn Dumas3

Joselyn Dumas4


Joselyn Dumas old


Joselyn Dumas3


Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas


Now flip to the next page to see what people had to say about Amanda in photos…

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  1. I’ve always maintained tht Jocelyn has natural hips but there are occasions(especially big events) when she uses padded enhancers to make them look more wild. She knows her hips are all she’s got to stand out so she uses them to her advantage.

    Can anyone tell me Jocelyn did a phenomenal job as mc last night? No she did not. The only reason why she is in the news today is her ONE assest. Her hips!!! I saw her just last week, her hips were not like this…

    1. I agree. Joselyn would not have survived in the GH entertainment industry without pushing thru with her hips. She was not a remarkable mc last night, infact most of her jokes were dry! Out of all her 4 outfits at the show, not even one was loose. everything tight tight tight….that is what she wanted. because she knows that’s wat is pushing her, not any talent biaaa,

  2. Joselyn looked good last night, but her and the co host lkd very out of place…they didn’t do an over-top job n the hips certainly lkd enhanced

    1. lol have you in anyway seen any of these our so called celebrities properly styled…they care more about the brands rather than putting them well together…yet there are great talented stylists in Ghana…

  3. Am hippy myself and believe Joselyn has not enhanced her hips.She is in a shapewear which makes her waist appear very small and hips very wide

  4. Seriously joselyn needs to enrich her cv cos we r tired wif da hips.i f we all shd start looking jus like her wen we come into da spotlight I wonder where she wld rank ..find another skill other than flaunting ur figure..i hav notice dat she doesn’t wear anything loose always bodycon

    1. yeap! the main reason was to divert attention from the fact tht she’s a whack mc. Period! not even one person can confidently say she did well last night as an mc however millions are talking abt the gargantuan hips she intentionally displayed four times in different outfits. Wat a shame using ur body for attention instead of your brain or talent.

  5. Hipter fraudster. The length these 2×4 pseudo celebrities will go to sustain their fame is just unbelievable. Waaa look.

  6. But she looks good though..very remarkable & dats wat matters most…my girl dats ur image
    …keep it up…dn,t back down dat will be ur loss to others gain..

  7. So why is joselyn doing this because it is clear she has enhanced her hips maybe she is wearing two jeans skirts below. Just as someone called her hipster fraudster I agree

  8. loooool… Bianca wa ka nokr3…but Dumas paa ad3n na wo ma krobo fu) nbaa baad publicity…chale our reputation of being a krobo girl no be good from before and you wan spoil am for the sake of hips and waist trainer? hips are cool but not when they are too big…and i hope you were not really wearing waist trainer…why cant some people just hit the gym and train like some of us…its hard but not impossible

  9. Wait! Wasn’t the back of her red gown bare?? So how can she wear a waist syncher? I think Joselyn has gain weight and the pictures uses in comparison isn’t fair those pics are about 4 or 5 years old if I remember correctly Adams Apples premiere Joselyn looked slimmer. People change. Why can’t we just admire God’s creation without a taint? Must everything be fake? And I think both mc’s did well considering the no of times organisers allowed them on stage wasn’t a lot…come on guys..give the lady a break

    1. Oh please give us a break. I saw Jocelyn last week. Are you telling me she grew hippo hips in 7 days. And shockingly she is in town today, just today and the hippo hips have shrunk. Aaaba! There is no need to use any padded underwear hips which is wat caused the bloated hip effect. Full stop!!!

  10. Wow, seems like there are more comments on Jocelyn’s hips, than the fact that the show was over 5 hours long. Seriously, I’ve never seen an awards show last that long and boring, not even the Academy Awards.

    Jocelyn looked beautiful, especially in the the last outfit. She has put on some weight, I could tell by her arms.

    Considering I don’t see her flaunting her half naked body parts all over the place, I’d say she’s a very respectable woman. I’ve never heard of her involved in any drama and I don’t hear asinine statements from her. If her only sin is her hip enhancement, than that is fine by me.

    This show was over 5 hours long with mini concerts. There is not enough material in the world to make even the best comedian funny for five hours.

    1. Maybe you are not from Ghana that’s why long boring dragged out shows at conference center is new to you. It is quite normal here for a show which is meant to start at 8pm to rather start close to midnight (eg. Ghana Movie awards) etc. that is why nobody is talking abt it.

      As for Jocelyn she cannot flaunt any half naked photos becos it will reveal her true figure. How will she continue to play this hipster fraudster games with the general public if she exposes photos. It is not out of any good morals, it’s because she has a bigger agenda.

      And as for controversial comments, you must have been missing when she was on live radio (joy fm) a few months back, declaring her taste for friends with benefits instead of steady relationships and also said there’s nothing wrong with pre-marital sex (when she knows she has young girls looking up to her). She was bashed severely for it by many Ghanaians.

      So please spare us.

      1. Doesn’t matter if I’m Ghanians or not, it was long and boring like the Academy Awards are every year. Only difference is, with the VGMAs, there were a few good performances.

        Last time I checked, Jocelyn was a grown woman. If her preference is to have sex before marriage (which most women do nowadays) and she likes friends with benefits, that is her business. There is nothing controversial about that…unless you’re a prude, or pretending to be one.

        If kids look up to Jocelyn as their role model, I would hope it is because of her acting and humanitarian work, and not because of how she leads her personal life.

        Parents should be their children’s role models, not celebrities.

  11. Well, if you guys are used to watching 5+ hours of awards shows, than so be it. Just stating that it was unnecessarily long and boring, like the Academy awards.

    Kids should not find role models in celebrities, their role models should be their parents/family members.

    Admiring a celebrity for his or her work, doesn’t mean you have to emulate his/her personal life.

    Jocelyn’s comments were not controversial, they were comments from an adult woman who knows what she wants. I see nothing wrong with that.

  12. First of all this whole article is POINTLESS. You purposely picked out pictures from 3-4 years like isn’t it OBVIOUS that she has added weight. Secondly she switches up her style most of the time sometimes I’ve seen her various times in jeans and puffy skirts for various events so don’t come her and spew trash talking tight fitted dresses to show of her curves and FYI there absolutely NOTHING wrong with showing of your curves. She’s a curvy she loves her body and embraces ain’t nothing wrong with flaunting it. Just because you’re not happy with the body God gave you doesn’t mean you should take out your anger and frustration on her. LOL do her hips bother y’all that much. Thirdly to that person that says she doesn’t work out she sure does if you go to her Instagram page she has posted several videos & pics working out and she waist trains as well so imma need y’all to get your facts right and to that person saying she can’t show her body cause her “fake hips” will be exposed sorry to disappoint you but in her latest movie there’s a part where she’s wearing shorts and a bra and you can see those HIPS and that FLAT tummy clearly. Lastly imma need y’all to stop trying to discredit her by insinuating that she’s only famous for hips LOL you wish. Joselyn just started acting not too long ago ( I know she acted in Adam’s Apples) but her first big movie was A Northern Affair in 2012 which earned her an AMAA nomination her second major movie “Love or Something like That” (which was a phenomenal movie btw) earned her an AMVCA nomination LMAO so are y’all trying tell me that her hips got these Major nominations her TALENT speaks for itself and she’s a Brilliant actress oh & before i forget i don’t really rate the Ghana movie awards but she won two of does off the ONLY two major movies she has done she has also won other awards as a TV host and was honored by City People in Lagos. The VGMA’s is always trash Joselyn HOSTED the Glo CAF awards ( biggest sports award show in Africa) along side Robert Marawa and she KILLED it. It’s so funny how haters tend to SCREAM out your failures then WHISPER your accomplishments. And let me tell you there a lot of stars that are not only admires for their talent but their BEAUTY as well e.g Omotola is a perfect example she has been praised for curvaceous body and hips and she flaunts it HELLO Mercy Johnson, Toolz as well even internationally a perfect is Scarlett Johansson < a lot of people admire not only her acting skills but her beauty and body and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Oh i actually LOL'd when i read these comment y'all don't know how bitter y'all sound. Every woman loves to look good i don't see y'all saying anything about Yvonne Nelson flaunting her long legs. So if Joselyn loves her body embraces it and chooses to flaunt it shouldn't bother you. Y'all are the ones that CHOSE to focus on her hips. And let me speak for myself Y'all indirectly saying she's relevant because of her hips meaning a lot of people admire her because of ONLY her hips sorry to bust your bubble but I am a fan of Joselyn because of her ACTING & tv hosting. Oh and she also has a series coming up where she plays a main character acting alongside Rita Dominic ;).. There are a lot more project she's working on LOL don't worry I'll be sure to remind you when i remember them.. And I clocked y'all effortlessly lmao *sips wine* my work here is done y'all have a nice day LOL

    1. My dear, you have taken so much time out of your life to write this long a$$ essay for sympathy. It’s almost as if you are Jocelyn.

      We see the girl walking around all the time. One minute her hips are inflated, the next minute it is deflated. Why she be exchange rate?

      The fact of the matter is the ONLY thing carrying Jocelyn in this country is her HIPS. Her performance at the show was dreadfully whack.

      Go and research on the streets my dear and see how many ppl will say they recognize her for talent as supposed to her hips – which she so happily puts on blast becos deep down she knows she needs it to propel her career. How sad!

      Don’t kid yourself. You are drunk on tht cheap wine you’re sipping……and the length of your essay indicates deep desperation. Like a drowning woman holding onto straws. Relax, when ure busted it’s painful but don’t worry, this too shall pass.

      Adios Kiddo 🙂

      1. Thank you. The essay writer is probably Jocelyn. The question is, what is Jocelyn known for ? The answer is hips. And how was that perception created? The answer is Jocelyn created it by exhibiting herself like a piece of meat at every given opportunity. #shameless

      2. LMFAO you wish Joselyn gave a f**k about a nonentity like you not to talk of your opinion. Don’t flatter yourself sweetheart she doesn’t even know of your existence. Ya’ll really do think your opinions are relevent huh? lol you poor souls.. Thank God your opinion doesn’t & will NEVER define who she is as a person.

        Like i said i came on this blog to laugh because I knew ya’ll won’t waste time spewing negativity and hate. It’s like ya’ll wait in front of your laptops waiting for a new article so you can spew your bitterness and hate. LOL you would think they pay ya’ll to hate. And the hilarious part of it all is how bothered/worried you are about someone you claim to not care about/like.

        You’re complaining about my essay yet you took out your TIME and wasted your ENERGY to reply me with another ESSAY LMFAO. Be happy and flaunt your box shaped body and stop worrying about another woman who flaunts the curves God blessed her with.

        And please it’s Joselyn with an S not a C get it right. I’m sure you’ll be back on here spewing hate and negativity on various articles because that sure looks like your daily routine LOL unlike you i have a life and more important things to do rather than spreading hate & negativity.. worrying about what grown ass woman does with her body or life.

        One more thing like i said don’t forget to get that bitterness and hate out your heart. God don’t like ugly. And don’t even bother replying care less about you or that opinion of yours. LMAOOOO i never comment on shit like this because I’m way too busy but this was fun thank you for entertaining me with your stupidity. *Continues sipping wine that you can’t afford*

      3. LMFAO you wish Joselyn gives a f**k about you not to talk of your opinion. Don’t flatter yourself sweetheart she doesn’t even know of your existence. Y’all are really DELUSIONAL.. poor souls 🙁 Y’all really think your opinions are relevant huh? Thank God your opinions don’t and will NEVER define who she is as a person.

        Like i said i came on this blog to laugh because i know you pathetic souls don’t waste time and are so quick to spew negativity. It’s like ya’ll seat in front of your laptops all day waiting for an article to pop up so you can spew negativity and hate. Lmao I’m starting to believe ya’ll are paid to hate and you know the most HILARIOUS part of this all the way ya’ll seem to be so worried/bothered about someone who you claim to not like or care about.

        Look at you complaining about the essay i posted yet you took out your TIME and wasted your ENERGY to reply me back with another ESSAY LMFAO. Be happy and embrace that box shaped body of yours and stop worrying about another woman who is happy, loves, embraces and flaunts the curves God gave her.
        Don’t even bother replying because i couldn’t care less about you or that irrelevant opinion of yours. Unlike you i have a life and more important things to do rather than spewing hate/negativity or being bothered about another woman and how she lives her life or what she does with her body.

        Like i said get that hate and bitterness out your heart.. God don’t like ugly. LMAOOOO I never comment on shit like this because I’m way too busy but this was fun thank you for entertaining me with your stupidity. *Continues sipping WINE that you can’t afford* 🙂

  13. Nonsense you think we want our children to sleep around, get pregnant, end up unmarried with a child like Jocelyn?

    For goodness sake if that is her opinion then she better keep it to herself rather than spreading it like its the gospel because it is negative not positive for anybody to go down that route. Our young girls should be taught to work hard and be patient for the right man to come along. Not become single mothers like Jocelyn who use their bodies for attention in entertainment. YUCK!

    1. u know what’s yuck? ur logic my goodness it’s disgusting what’s wrong wit being a single mother nd unmarried? & pls u don’t even know how that child came abt its also sad that women still think marraige is the highest goal a woman can achieve in life wat of genevieve that had a child when she was a teenager we grow and learn from our mistakes stop judging people like ur perfect she’s a strong woman and works hard to provide for her kid I was raised by a single mother and she raised me right pretty u err raised by a mum and dad but look at the rubbish you r displaying on here & in regards to her havin premarital sex it’s ridiculous how men are allowed to express their sexuality but women are shamed for such. ur comment was truly disgusting comin from a female ur logic is messed up

    2. No matter what society you live in nowadays, the internet has exposed people (kids included) to EVERYTHING.

      It is incumbent upon parents to teach their children right from wrong and what is moral and immoral.

      Parents should police their kids, not celebrities.

      If the human race was monolithic , this conversation would not be taking place. However, we’re not. People lead their lives as they see fit, and that includes saying and doing what they please. You cannot sensor people.

      I still can’t figure out what this woman has done to deserve so much hatred.

  14. Eiii this girl is very bush and grimmy. CL don’t even bother to reply. Her one-man desperate campaign for the hipster fraudster is beyond pathetic. She is not just drinking cheap sh!t, she’s on baking soda too. What a mess. Ain’t worth our time.

  15. yr comment is 2 funny that person is a certified hater bt nuthin bt facts how does jocelyn flaunting her hips affect their lives :/ i seriously don’t understand some people and this person is always on posts about jocelyn attacking her lyk please get a lyf

  16. she looked amazing i seriously don’t understand how jocelyn flaunting her hips affects yr lives if i had that shape i will show it off abeg and she dresses so classy bet that pic you usd 2 compare is old na sha no matter what you haters say it still won’t change anything you ar wasting yr time jocelyn and her fab hips are here to stay hahaha