Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2015 Review: Sorry to Everyone Who Tortured Himself for Over 6 Hours to Watch Bad Pictures, Endure Bad Sound, Bad Stage Coordination, Bad Performances, Bad Production & Bad Everything…

VGMA 2015
VGMA 2015

For the first time, anyone who did not watch the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards has a reason to rejoice over those who spent over 6 hours of their precious time watching ‘bollocks” on TV—it cannot get any lower and shameful than this.

If you thought some part of last year’s event was bad—then the entire event this year was worse. Those of us who did not have any choice than to watch it for over 6 hours can certainly head to the International Court of Justice and slay Charter House and their partners for “torture, inhumane and degrading treatment”.

On a serious note, the coordination out there and the broadcast was a total disaster. Let me tell you how bad it was. One hour into it, GhanaCelebrities.Com had over 11,000 people watching it at a particular minute on our page and as it got bad and proceeded to worse, viewers dropped to about 600 people. Surely, many people watching the live stream which was the worst I have ever seen realized this is not the way to spend a Saturday night. We changed streaming from GTV to Star Beer’s Youtube live streaming, but the quality was the same.

If we call this an industry award being produced or organised this way in 2015, then it’s a clear reflection of the sort of ‘thing’ we call a music industry in Ghana—-no organisation, no rules, co-ordination, bad sound quality just like the many rushed-through Ghanaian songs being ‘churned out’ daily and the picture quality was astronomically terrible.

I hate to do this but I cannot let it go without drawing a necessary production comparison. Just last month, I was one of the many people who had the opportunity to attend the first LIVE broadcast of this year’s UK’s popular TV show-The Voice, and apart from the joy of having Rita Ora,, Sir Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson seated a few meters away from me—I came home asking myself this simple question; how are these people able to manage such a high quality production for live TV with this level of speed and high accuracy?

Surely, The Voice is produced for the BBC which means you wouldn’t be seeing any eye-hurting pictures from the broadcast but from the stage design to lighting, yesterday confirmed that we are billions of light years behind in such things.

Even common time management was a disaster for our biggest Award show which dragged on for over 6 hours after a late start, yet The Voice which I attended and had almost the same number of performing artistes like we had yesterday was able to run 12 performances from the contestants with another from the coaches and Olly Murs within 2 hours—and it all went well.

I feel embarrassed for Charter House, for the sort of production they threw into the air-waves yesterday—and it’s more worrying for some of us who have witnessed high and efficient productions like the above, meant for TV instead of the limited people in the auditorium.

Was the 2015 VGMAs Produced for TV or those in the Auditorium?

GhanaCelebrities.Com had a reporter out there at the auditorium yesterday and as such, I would leave it to him in his on-ground review to tell us how the event snailed on out there as well as the sort of production they witnessed in the auditorium.

Meanwhile, those of us who watched it at home feel the event was not produced mainly for TV broadcast. And if actually those in charge wanted to serve two masters accurately, then that is where the failure comes from. When it comes to such events, you have to decide if you are focusing on the live TV broadcast, intending to serve the million of viewers at home or you want to stage it for the few people in the auditorium. An attempt to reconcile the two leads to disaster.

When I attend The Voice last month, the moment I entered the auditorium, it was obvious it was being produced mainly for TV—there were over 30 cameras picking everything from every corner. In fact, there were about 6 camera men hanging on the ceiling.

Surely, it looks like those who were in-charge of the 2015 VGMA did not make their mind as to where lie their focus—else, how would they explain the disastrous coordination we saw on TV? Simple screen labelling of who is on stage was unavailable for you to even know who was performing at any point in time…

This can’t be a production put together with TV in mind so I am waiting to hear them say, we did it for just those in the auditorium…

Bad Picture, Bad Sound & Bad Stage Security + Bad Coordination

After many years of doing this and the many criticisms received in relation to how people randomly seem to jump on stage with those picking awards—and sometimes even take the microphone to speak, this was at its peak yesterday.

It’s just one small award to be picked up so can’t a maximum of 3 people walk on stage, pick it and have just one person throwing out a few words for us? Yet, it was a night for everyone to jump on stage and sometimes get access to the microphone at an event which was being broadcast live.

Who actually allowed this?

No apology would be enough for the torture people endured to watch those bad pictures which were served—and over the internet, it was worse. Just imagine this, bad picture quality fused with high density and the usual discotheque lights overlaid with bad sound, all coming at your at once—that was how catastrophic it was last night.

Online Streaming…

Is it not ironic that Vodafone, a communication service provider could not once again stream the event LIVE on Youtube as promised—they struggled throughout the night and finally gave up.

Perhaps, it was the same bad internet connection of Vodafone that crippled the Star Beer’s Youtube streaming—it had a bad connection leading to constant breaks, as though 2G internet was being used for the streaming.

For Christ sake, children under 10 years are able to even live stream their park activities on Youtube these days without problems—and yet, we couldn’t get any proper streaming of arguably the biggest event on Ghana’s Entertainment calendar, sponsored by Vodafone (an internet provider) and Star Beer?

The Red Carpet…

Really? In one sentence; it was a night of fake accents made worse by unnecessary questions!


What is the essence of dragging an award show which is supposed to last a maximum of 3 hours for over 6 hours—all because of one bad performance after another? Did these people actually intend to do this much damage to us? What then explains what happened with these bad performances which followed one another?

Apart from Wiyaala, Tic Tac /Tinny, Yemi Alade and ‘Stonebwoy’, every performance on the night was not worth it. Even the legendary-Daddy Lumba was a mess—in fact, the greatest disappointment of the night. I have been told he was not well but to me, that is not an excuse—because he could have said ‘NO’ to the performance if unfit.

You cannot do this to ticket buyers and those who sat up all night and then come to say, you should be forgiven for that distasteful performance because you were not well. Did anyone compel you to take it up?

How can I forget the nonsense that Joey B and Pappy Kojo put up on stage, called performance. Maybe, Charter House should call these people back and take their monies—and then top it up next time for Sarkodie and Shatta Wale, because I hear their beach party rocked, something we missed at the 2015 VGMAs.

Event Hosts-Joselyn Dumas & Nathaniel Attoh | Supported By Funny Face & D-Black

There is nothing to write about the main hosts-Joselyn Dumas and Nathaniel Attoh because it was as if they did not exist. Was there any moment to remember these two for? They literally walked on stage a few times, said one or two boring sentences and just dashed off…

While Joselyn Dumas was struggling with some accent (going like VORAFONE Gheyna Music Awards), Nathaniel Attoh was SCREAMING to be heard. Once again, Joselyn Dumas’ hips became the talk on social media instead of her talent/performance—and I understand it, because she was not displaying any talent, just hips…

The question is; so these are our best or next to best talents in Ghana to host this much talked about event?

Now was Funny Face supposed to be funny? Somehow, his dried jokes last night made me feel he was on stage more than the main hosts even. And we don’t want to be seeing DJ Black on TV pulling those faces and gestures. It’s fine to hear his voice when he takes over but please don’t boldly pick him up with the camera for TV…

The Winners…

It was a night of awards and to be frank, though easily predictable, everyone who picked an award last night deserved it.  The reason why many of us were able to predict majority of the winners is because the winners were obvious—and indeed, they actually won.

Stonebwoy literally had the full support of the auditorium and it was right that he picked the all important-Artiste of the Year award, he worked hard for it—and he deserves it.


Let me be generous and give it 4/10. Yeah, it was that bad and it finished around 4am, meaning once again GTV ended the transmission for some people half way, a repeat of last year.

Now, check below for some random social media comments which should give you an indication of the wider perception, confirming everything I have written about the 2015 VGMAs…



social7 Mahama1 VGMA111

Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas















You can watch over 5 hours of the event below…

The Red Carpet…


The Main Event


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6 thoughts on “Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2015 Review: Sorry to Everyone Who Tortured Himself for Over 6 Hours to Watch Bad Pictures, Endure Bad Sound, Bad Stage Coordination, Bad Performances, Bad Production & Bad Everything…”

  1. Chris I love you for this. Everything was so bad yesterday I couldnt believe this is the award people make so much noise about. Lumba was really a big shame

  2. You can’t really blame the hosts when they were informed not too long ago from the day of the actual event. Wasn’t chris attoh initially supposed to host? Exactly!!!! And it’s getting quite IRRITATING how y’all constantly blame joselyn for that. So I’m not getting you… She shouldn’t wear dresses again. She should’ve worn kaftan abi or a suite? Even tho she was the most incredible host in this world PEOPLE will still talk about that body, so that point you made was extremely STUPID. Anyway I agree that overall the show was a MESS i don’t know how you expecting anything different because last years show was quite bad as well .


  4. Most of the Ghanaian award shows that I’ve seen have been very disappointing. So I’m not surprised that this one was the same and I’m so glad I didn’t watch it.

  5. How many times are people going to claim of this same charterhouse doing this same messy thing every year? Chris don’t waste your sleep and energy on ghanaian organised events. Out here I don’t go to any Ghana event because it is always useless same as this award they do each year.

    You keep telling them the same bad lights and stage and late start over the years have they changed or improve? 6 damn hours for an award. Were they awarding all the angels in heaven and hell


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