YFm Presenter in Takoradi-Ms Ada Kidnapped & Gang Raped | Photos of Her Being Raped Go VIRAL

Ms Ada also known as Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka
Ms Ada also known as Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka

If being kidnapped by unknown people is evil—what about these people gang-raping a woman after the kidnap and somehow posting photos of the diabolical ‘action’ on the same person’s facebook?

This is exactly what happened to a young radio present with Takoradi based-YFM known as Ms. Ada-Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka. Late last night, it emerged she had gone missing—and then it became an issue of kidnap.

This morning, we received shocking photos of the beautiful woman being pinned down and legs opened by about 3 guys who were obviously having their way with it. We are told the photos were taken by these evil men after kidnapping her and gang-raping her—and then posted on her facebook through her own phone.

Currently, she on admission at a regional hospital…

The images are gross and YFM pleads with the general police to stop sharing them on social media…


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11 thoughts on “YFm Presenter in Takoradi-Ms Ada Kidnapped & Gang Raped | Photos of Her Being Raped Go VIRAL”

  1. The police can trace the ip of the device that was used to post the picture. They must act swiftly. Oh Oman Ghana… hmmmm!!

  2. I am extremely worried to find out from the Ghana Police that this same lady has been kidnapped 5 times in the last 2 years. The last recorded police report before this recent kidnap was in February 2015. How is it possible that one girl can be abducted so many times? And every time she is enable to assist the police with adequate information to catch the gang.

    Now I understand why some sections of the public think it is a publicity stunt cos it is not normal and does not add up.

    The doctors at the hospital where she is was mysteriously dropped off yesterday have not confirmed sexual assault yet we saw pictures which appeared to be that way. If someone is alleged to be raped should they not have a rape kit to test her. The doctors said they only noticed she had a red eye but nothing to show sexual assault. This is extremely disturbing.

    I like to urge Chris Vincent and his team to look into this matter as journalists because rape, abduction and kidnapping is no joking matter. This case sounds extremely suspicious and abnormal.

  3. Is it true what the police are saying? That this same girl has been abducted 5 times in the last 2 years? The police claim the last police report of abduction and kidnap before this recent incident was in February this year. Eii the same girl. How???

    I am just going to cut to the chase. I am mad and sad at every media outlet including you. As a matter of fact I expect more from you because you have exposure to journalism outside of Ghana. Why does the media in Ghana not protect rape victims in Ghana? Why do we post the picture,age, workplace etc of victims? This is why rape is as high as it is in the world because besides the emotional and physical trauma they have to deal with becoming a “rape celebrity”. Women are punished and shamed for the rest of their lives by the rapist and by journalist.

    I’ll cite the woman who was alleged to be raped by KKD. You posted her picture, name and age. Would it have hurt to conceal her identity? In this internet age nothing you post goes away. Imagine being her, 200 years from now when she heals each time she or an employer googlies her she has to be reminded she was raped. Its not okay!! and it needs to stop!!.. No traffic on your page is worth someone’s life being ruined. I live in the US and every time a woman is raped she is protected. Her identity is not splashed on blogs and newspapers.

    Same thing with this poor woman who has been gang raped and her naked pictures distributed. Could you not have reported this without giving her identity away? could you not have chosen not to post it all together? If this were your sister would you post her picture and let the world know three men violated her? Besides the abuse she has faced she has become a rape celebrity. She has been identified and will be identified years from now as the woman who was gang raped. Her ordeal is even worse because the perpetrators had the nerve to spread naked pictures.

    As a woman, I am angry, sad and hurt. This could have been me, my friend, my sister, my neighbor and if this were to happen to me, I would want people to protect me not direct traffic to their page from my misery!! Please stop it!! Make a stand to be that journalist that protects rape victims. Please.


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