GC Exclusive: YFM’s Alleged Gang Raped Presenter-Ms Ada is A Compulsive Liar | Her Class Mate from Krobo Girls Speaks

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Ms Ada also known as Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka
Ms Ada also known as Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka

If the fact that the YFM’s presenter-Ms Ada (who has been parading herself as Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka) has cried wolf about 5 times—claiming to have been kidnapped 5 times is not enough reason to throw doubt at her recent kidnapping which was followed by her naked photos, we’ve got an exclusive from her past which suggests that she has no credibility.

So far, it has emerged that the whole kidnap and gang rape was staged—perhaps, out of excessive weed smoking.

According to someone who claims to have gone to Krobo Girls with Ms. Ada who has been carrying a Nigerian name- Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka, Ms. Ada is a compulsive liar and she has been so since a teenager—and in fact, her real name is ‘Persis’ Naana Akosua Appiah Antwi.

Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com, this mate of Ms. Ada said, “in   her bad reputation as a pathological liar she has a portfolio that boasts of running away from school for almost a month when she was in JHS and this series continued to SHS where she will disappear and come out all the time with a concocted stories.”

The mate continued “at Krobo Girls secondary school, she was well known for her lying episodes. If anyone is able to tell a lie to their headmistress (Ms. Ndo) back in the day for her to believe then she could do same to the majority of Ghanaians. There was a time at school where the entire school prayed for her because she claimed she was being chased away by an evil spirit called “persis”. Indeed this spirit could be very “PersisTent” spirit because it has followed her through her adult life.”

So far, many believe she may have some form of psychological disorder that can be traced as far back while others think she is just a criminal and a liar. Maybe she may return as a Chinese or Japanese so let us just watch out before we are drawn into a story about a charade.

For not, it’s obvious Ms Ada has not credibility with words—and her stories have always been lies, including this one. But for Christ sake, who can actually plan such a lie and back it up with n*ked photos of herself?


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  1. Miss Ndo was the senior house mistress not the head mistress. Anyway, why will anyone tell such a defaming lie? I have seen the pictures and I doubt if this time she is lying. You can see the agony in her face. God help us.

    1. It’s the result of lying . When u lie everyday . One day u will tell the truth and people might consider it as one of ur lies

    2. can you give me her facebook name… everyone says the picture looks kinda fake…. so i want to see it… i want her facebook name

  2. Is this an issue..it is evident the writer of this story has got nufin doing cos it is so useless and non factual…even my common sense alone tells me this article was cooked up

  3. Well let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what she may be up to.I think sometimes if you lie too much people stop taking you seriously.She is really not helping herself if she s indeed lieing.hmm I hope YFm will require her to conduct a mental health test.nsEm piii

  4. Everyone has the right to choose whichever name he or she wants. She likes to b called Adaeze then lets call her Adaeze. It doesnt mean she is a criminal , fact that she has been a liar right from school doesnt make her a bad person . Every one has a past especially in school. But im sure she didnt plan this gang rape or post her naked pics just for fun or fraud . I think there is someone behind this rape and that person has planned everything to make her seem as a liar. Police should investigate the issue well even if she says she planned it herself .may be the one who planned d rape has threatened her and the hotel management . Also her so called classmate who came out to say Adaeze is a LIAR should also b investigated mayb that class mate of her is even an accomplice of the one who planned the rape of ADAEZE. Adaeze no matter what happens pls be strong and defend urself .