Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa: One Ghanaian Called Emmanuel Kwesi Quaison Dead

Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa
Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

An immigrant community is often a very crucial part of any nation’s economy. This is because often they drive a segment of the economy the locals might not be too good at. Ghana and Nigeria have a wonderful track record in this regard, the great USA as a nation is one built entirely by migrants.

For South Africa, who spent so many years under the shackles of apartheid, you would think they’ll have a more intrinsic understanding of the suffering of others. For some reason, attacking foreigners for ‘stealing’ the jobs of locals has become almost normal there.

Reports of xenophobic attacks come out of there every once in a while. Within the past week it has become the worst attacks recorded in a while. A report on myjoyonline indicates one of the dead has been identified as a Ghanaian; Emmanuel Kwesi Quaison.

The attacks have been because some locals believe foreigners are making a living at their expense, with the unemployment rate in South Africa abnormally high. Mobs with machete targeted foreigners, and according to CNN those killed include a 14 year old boy.

Police protection has been giving to those under attack, whilst neighbouring Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi are making moves to repatriate their citizens.

It’s a damning indictment that Africans would feel other Africans have become threats to the point they have to be attacked. If these foreigners (other African nationals) can find a job, even in a foreign nation; shouldn’t locals have a better opportunity at finding a job? These looks to me like some lazy bums who would rather be violent than get out there and work their a** off to find jobs.

For South Africa, who is one of the most developed on the continent; this is a national disgrace.


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