My Heart Bleeds for Africa | About 1000 African Migrants Have Died in the Mediterranean & The Question is; What Are They Running Away From?

African Migrants
African Migrants

Yesterday, nearly about 1,000 African migrants died in three separate boat disasters on the Mediterranean—all trying to escape whatever it is that s hunting them in Africa, to Europe, the continent of prosperity, peace and human rights.

Of course Europe is no heaven, but compared to Africa; it’s heaven on earth—and if you think I am lying, why do you think Africans continue to risk their lives each day, in an attempt to run from our own continent to Europe?

There is something wrong with our continent and the earlier we fix it, the better. From our political structures to economic machines, there seems to be nothing worth living for in Africa.

Surely, the above explains why more than 900 African migrants perished yesterday when a fishing boat capsized off Libya  in one of the worst maritime tragedies since the Second World War.

According to survivors, “up to 300 people including women and children ‘drowned like rats in cages’ after being locked in the hold by callous traffickers.”

And this is where our European godfathers have to come in to protect us from killing ourselves. Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has called on the “European Union to resume rescue operations and address the chaos in Libya which allows smugglers – who charge migrants thousands of pounds for the passage to Europe – to operate with impunity.”

We can blame our European godfathers for double standard; by saying, their actions in Libya have led to these migrant trips which is killing hundreds of Africans but that would only be reasonable if this problem did not exist before the fall of Muammar Gaddafi—and if most of these migrants were Libyans.

I hope our African leaders sleep well each night! It’s getting terrible with each passing day—and since ordinary folks have lost any sense of hope in Africa, they turn to risking their lives to escape whatever it is that is hunting them in Africa.

Truly, we have a common hunter; our leaders have failed us all…

It’s estimated that more than 22,000 African migrants have died on the Mediterranean since the year 2000.


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  1. This why I said that the Europeans are wicked evil geniuses! How is what is happening any different from what happened centuries ago when our ancestors drowning on slaves ships? I mean when they come are they not coming to enslave themselves in Europe. its like slavery never does they just very cleverly created the circumstances to actually get people to volunteer their lives to slavery. Back then then dragged africans over to work the worst jobs and what do you know it’s no different now. Its absolutely heartbreaking. I will pray for lost souls.