READERS’ MAIL: Menaye Donkor Only Rushed & Accepted to Get Pregnant Because Sulley Muntari Was About to LEAVE Her Selfish Butt?

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Menaye Donkor
Menaye Donkor

Dear Chris,

I have seen you and your readers sing praises for Menaye Donkor for finally getting pregnant after God knows how many years of being with Sulley who has always wanted a baby since day one.

Let me tell you people  what happened, which is not how you people are viewing things. I am happy for Sulley Muntari that the woman he spent money to marry has now come home with her senses.

From what I know, Menaye Donkor was being selfish in the marriage. She wanted to pursue a career in acting even though she cannot act to save her life. She started taking acting classes with the hope to be the next Nadia Buari in Ghana’s movie industry.

By now, we should all know Menaye Donkor for her want of fame.  If not for her fame desperation, what does she do to always be in the news or parading herself as a celebrity? Think deep.

Since there was no modelling going on for her, acting became her next target and even though her husband Sulley Muntari kept telling her about the need to start a family she kept pushing it back. This is what thickened the tension between Menaye and Sulley Muntari’s mother.

Finally, Sulley was advised to drop Menaye’s butt if she wanted to selfishly pursue a career she has no prospect of excelling. This was when rumours started flying around that the two were separated. It actually happened.

At first, Menaye thought she was going to still get her way with Sulley Muntari as always but boy meant business this time. It was when she realized things were getting serious that she went begging and said she would have the baby.

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So you guys can celebrate with her but know what happened. It should have come with joy not for the two of them alone but the bigger Muntari’s family, especially Sulley’s mother.  Let me tell you, they are not even bothered so ask your self  WHY?

From B. Y/ Accra, Ghana


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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