VIDEO: Thick Madamme On Trending Issues | If Africans Can’t Respect Ourselves, Why Should We Expect the Whites to Do That?

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Thick Madamme
Thick Madamme

GhanaCelebrities.Com’s vblogger-Thick Madamme is furious and shocked by the South Africa’s xenophobia; and asking, what do South Africans take their fellow black Africans for?

In this episode of Trending Issues, Thick Madamme looks at how South Africa has painted the entire Africa black with their barbaric actions—while asking some important questions.

She finds it difficult to come to terms with why any reasonable human being will kill another because that another is taking his or her job—when the person gave that another a visa into his country, allowed him to settle in there and even employed him.

A lot has been said about the repeat of South Africa’s xenophobia but you definitely need to watch Thick Madamme for her take…

Watch the video below…


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