Split In Houston-Brown Family As To The Status Of Bobbi Kristina

Bobby Brown and Kristina
Bobby Brown and Kristina

Whitney’s little girl was found unconscious in a bathtub in February, and since then she’s been in a coma as her family and fans hope for what would essentially be a miracle.

There has been many reports on her progress, or lack thereof- and at a point there was even the possibility of taking her off life support so she could peaceably die. But Bobby  Brown has stood against all that, insisting that he believes in miracles and that one would happen for his daughter.

And against that backdrop a very strange narrative is unfolding in the Bobbi Kristina story. Whilst performing in Texas last weekend, Bobby Brown made a remarkable statement. According to TMZ, the singer told the crowd “Bobbi is awake, she’s watching me”

On its own it didn’t look like much, the second part giving a metaphysical feel to the whole thing. But then yesterday, Bobby’s sister Tina Brown posted on Facebook a statement that seems to confirm what Bobby said.

And then, another twist. The Houston family came to deny everything, saying that Bobbi was still on life support and unresponsive. They told TMZ, “She’s in the exact same condition she was when she entered the facility”

Seems like the Browns are getting their hopes confused with reality. This is a hard time and all they can do is hope, but false hope is an even worse state of mind.


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