Nigerian Advocacy Group SERAP Calls On The International Criminal Court To Investigate Xenophobic Attacks

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Xenophobic Attacks
Xenophobic Attacks

The current despicable, cowardly, and uncivilized attacks by South Africans on other African nationals have served to put into sharp focus our refusal to grow as black people.

Whilst the rest of the world tries to move on, Africa continues to remain mired in behaviour not fitting for the 20th century, let alone this current globalised 21st century.

The South African government’s response to the crisis has left a whole lot to be desired as well, with slow response time and an initial reluctance to condemn the violence leaving people with the (valid) impression that they implicitly support the attacks.

Nigeria has had several nationals attacked in the violence, and a Nigerian advocacy group the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) have taken some proactive action, dragging South Africa to the International Criminal Court.

The group addressed a petition to the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, according to Nigeria’s Vanguard. The petition calls on Bensouda to investigate the hate speech made by the Zulu King that was believed to have predicated the attacks.

“Grave statements by political leaders and prominent people that express discrimination and cause violence against non-nationals cannot be justified under any law.”

“This hate-speech generated fear and hatred that created the conditions for violence and discrimination against Nigerians and other African citizens.

“SERAP believes that this has given rise to individual criminal responsibility under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,” the group said

They also call on Bensouda, who’s Gambian, to investigate the possible complicity of South African law enforcement, and any other person found to have had a hand in the attacks- and prosecute them under the Rome Statute of the Court.

The group said the South African government hasn’t demonstrated the will to prosecute those involved, and so calls on the International Court to carry out that duty.

I’m not sure what exactly would come out of this, but the South African government itself should be added to this suit, for the gross negligence they’ve showed in handling this situation. The so-called Zulu king who incited all these continues to walk around unscathed.

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