VIDEOS + PHOTOS: Captain Smart Again? | Adom Fm Presenter is Allegedly A WIFE SNATCHER, A Fraud & MORE?

Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa (Murphy's wife)
Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa (Murphy’s wife)

Adom FM’s morning show presenter-Captain Smart is back in the news and this time it’s not for swindling multiple women abroad, aided by his Pentecostal mother—rather, Captain Smart is said to be seriously chopping down a certain Afia Pokuaa, the wife of a Ghanaian based in Belgium.

For some weird reason, Captain Smart seems to be disgustingly obsessed with Ghanaian women abroad who quickly fall for his sharp tongue—and what is alleged as his “cunning ways”.

A few months ago,  Captain Smart made headlines when multiple Ghanaian women abroad spoke to GhanaCelebrities.Com, all claiming that the radio presenter has fraudulently taken several items and monies from them in some sort of unhealthy relationships they had with him.

These women who are based in Europe stated at the time that, Captain Smart usually hit them up on facebook or through a common friend and soon after they started talking, he promised them the whole world—-more importantly, marriage.  He then rolled in his common cunning pattern; introduced them to his mother who somewhat is part of the scam.

From there, these women allegedly sent money and several items to Captain Smart and his mother—and most of them even flew to Ghana to spend sometime with Smart and his family, thinking marriage or some worthy relationship is on the way.

Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa (Murphy's wife)
Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa (Murphy’s wife)

The women claimed that after Captain Smart slept with them and took all that he could from them—he treated them like trash and dropped them from the ceiling.

It emerged during those revelation that a certain Belgium based woman-Afia Pokuaa had become the new catch of Captain Smart and the radio presenter had promised to marry her in an attempt to ‘import’ her to Ghana.

Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa (8)
Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa (Murphy’s wife)

Afia Pokuaa and Capatain Smart have become an item—and GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told that, the two are about to get married soon but there is more.

A certain Ghanaian based in Belgium-Murphy has come out to say, this same Afia Pokuaa who is currently ‘chopping love’ in Ghana with Captain Smart is his wife, with whom he has 2 children with.

According to Murphy, Captain Smart has bought into the head of his wife and has succeeded in snatching her—at least so it seems.

Murphy who seems down in the dumps at the moment says he has been married to Afia Pokuaa for 18 years and they have two kids-17 and 12 years together. Murphy says, he worked hard and spent a lot of money to bring Afia Pokuaa to Belgium when they got married only to be snatched away from him at a time he is at his lowest.


GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt Murphy has lost his job and things are really hard for him and the two kids—a situation Captain Smart has cunningly tapped into to ‘snatch’ the poor man’s wife.

Of course a woman cannot be snatched if she does not want to—especially one that has been married to a man for 18 years. But considering the hovering celebrity status Smart seems to enjoy over Murphy, it’s understandable how this can happen.

Apparently, Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa intend to wed soon—an event which would be criminal (bigamy) since Afia Pokuaa is already legally married.

Perhaps, Captain Smart is cunning but a lot must be out of place in the camp of these women or Afia Pokuaa’s husband, enabling the radio presenter to always turn up as the winner of whatever game that is being played.

Listen to the audio below of Afia Pokuaa’s husband



Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa (4)

Captain Smart and Afia Pokuaa (5)


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