MORE DETAILS: ITLOS Grants Cote d’Ivoire Injunction Against Ghana In Ongoing Maritime Case

Ghana sea drilling
Ghana sea drilling

The Special Chamber of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has given its first ruling in the case involving these two nations; and round one goes to Cote d’Ivoire.

Our neighbours requested an injunction on all drilling activities within the disputed region whilst the case is heard, and the injunction was granted today despite Ghana’s arguments to the contrary.

The Tribunal ruled that for the duration of the case, drilling would be suspended by Ghana and her agents in the disputed regions. The tribunal made other rulings, which were outlined in the delivery earlier today.

These include…

(a) Ghana shall take all necessary steps to ensure that no new drilling either by Ghana or under its control takes place in the disputed area as defined in paragraph 60;

(b) Ghana shall take all necessary steps to prevent information resulting from past, ongoing or future exploration activities conducted by Ghana, or with its authorization, in the disputed area that is not already in the public domain from being used in any way whatsoever to the detriment of Côte d’Ivoire;

(c) Ghana shall carry out strict and continuous monitoring of all activities undertaken by Ghana or with its authorization in the disputed area with a view to ensuring the prevention of serious harm to the marine environment;

(d) The Parties shall take all necessary steps to prevent serious harm to the marine environment, including the continental shelf and its superjacent waters, in the disputed area and shall cooperate to that end;

(e) The Parties shall pursue cooperation and refrain from any unilateral act that might lead to aggravating the dispute.

This is not a good start…


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