VIDEO: Kweku Baako Says KKD Must Tame the Animal in Him


Kwesi Kyei Darkwah who was facing rape charges became a free man this week when the state dropped the case, citing difficulties in getting the needed witnesses to prove the case in court as the reason.

On Joy FM’s Newsfile today, the Editor-in-Chief of the Crusading Guide newspaper-Kweku Baako said, KKD the discharged rape suspect must learn to control his libido to save a brand he took years to build.

He said ” he must seek strenuously to tame the animal in him.”

He added, “We all have animals in us. If you don’t contain it, it can escape and create irreparable damage to you.”

Late December, 2014, a 19 year old girl accused KKD of rape—an accusation KKD denied, claiming the sex was consensual.

Before the trial even started, the accuser wrote to the judge and the necessary authorities to say she was no longer interested in going ahead with the case. She stated that, the media warfare the case attracted had become excessively difficult to handle and that she wouldn’t cooperate if the State went ahead with the case.

Hours after the accusers expression of disinterest in the case, KKD wrote a letter apologising to the ‘victim’ and blamed the sexual act on “fleeting pleasures of the flesh.”

The state of Ghana decided to go ahead with prosecution without the key witness (the victim) but later dropped the case…

Watch Kweku Baako below…



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