John Dumelo Owns Many Businesses? | He Didn’t Build Any Hotel As He Claimed Some Years Back + He Couldn’t Pay the Rent of the Building Until the Owner Chased Him Out…

John Dumelo's so called hotel
John Dumelo’s so called hotel

John Dumelo has been trending for some days for his loose talk on ‘Dumsor Dumsor’ and it seems, he has bitten more than he could chew.

Even after writing a long essay to say he didn’t actually say what people claim he did—and that he has been forced to close down 2 businesses because of ‘Dumsor’, people are still peeved. John also claims to have laid off 20 of his workers because of the power crisis in Ghana.

But according to information a certain Accra based-GhanaCelebrities.Com reader who prefers only to be called-Philip sent in; John Dumelo must be interrogated on what businesses he claims to own. In the e-mail sent by Philip, he wrote “can you tell John Dumelo to stop the lies and big talks, what businesses does he own, he should mention the names so we can check from the registry general.”

Philip adds; “ Let me tell you the truth about the so called multi-million dollar hotel some media outlets said John Dumelo built on a false information he fed them some years ago called-Maselo Courts Apartments. John Dumelo did not build anything and does not own any hotel.”

The reader alleged that, John Dumelo was playing gigolo with the woman who owns the building and so the woman rented the building to John which he turned into a hotel based on his big talks of investors coming in with some financial help. But it all turned out to be a lie and John Dumelo could not pay the rent of the building so he was chased out.

John Dumelo's hotel news as it was reported
John Dumelo’s hotel news as it was reported

“First of all, John did not build anything, not even a summer hut. He only got the owner of the estate building who happens to be a woman he was having affair with to rent it to him for his so called hotel but he couldn’t even pay the rent so the woman chased him and his single employee out like dogs,” Philip wrote.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has independently confirmed that, indeed John Dumelo did not build any hotel, he only rented the place—but somehow, it was reported all over in the media as John having built a hotel.

Also, we can confirm that the hotel was short lived and John Dumelo had issues with paying rent—for the rest of the issues raised by Philip, we cannot confirm or deny them.

Anas on John Dumelo

About 2 years ago, John Dumelo had Ghanaian investigative journalist-Anas Aremeyaw Anas on his back, warning him to quickly pay back some monies a certain Australian based woman claims John defrauded her of-–and John Dumelo later cleaned himself by paying the total money on installment, though he denied there was a case of fraud.

Maybe, it’s time for John Dumelo to shut the f**k up— and leave politics and the big talks behind, else people will dig out what he probably doesn’t want in the media.


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23 thoughts on “John Dumelo Owns Many Businesses? | He Didn’t Build Any Hotel As He Claimed Some Years Back + He Couldn’t Pay the Rent of the Building Until the Owner Chased Him Out…”

  1. Masa I still don’t understand why women dey follow setor dumelo he is Gay kwasia to .kwasia in ust u were cheating aboafunu .if this boy come to US here we will beat Cris pls post this on his wall aboafunu dumelo u think u are handsome hv u seen some of Us u dont have any idea hw some of guys here in US look but all the same we work hard and not to tk advantage of women idiot gyimelo

    • Hahahahahaa…. you unleashed all this anger on John Dumelo because he said Rome was not built in a day? eeiii masa Fiifi, the handsome US borga… take it easy on him wai???

    • Enviness, Commot 4there Fifi. What John has achieved for himself, you can never achieve ur entire life after cleaning all the white asses in VA so shut the fuct up. skin pain

  2. Everything about this guy is false smh. A year ago the beauty supply woman came out with the real truth behind the hair shop and now his hotel. John please take it easy and stop all these lies. You campaigned for Ndc and yet can’t even pay for your business rent. You just need to shut up and concentrate on your acting or do called studio.

    • You didn’t even had to type knowing this guy is a real and typical definition of an armed robber. Armed robbers steals and claim what doesn’t belong to them. Shame on john dumelo for revealing his true colors. Am done watching his kumawood movies. John since Rome weren’t built in a day try and work hard for your wealth and stop stealing from others.

      • Lmao armed robber paa. Rome weren’t built in a day so building a hotel should include hard earned income and time to finish up. I like your statement altogether.

  3. Had it not been the fact that John Dumelo is an ewe man, he will never had ask Ghanaians to give Mahama more time to solve the basic problems we are facing… Four known celebrities have come out to voice their grievances this week. Among the 4, only John Dumelo is an ewe and he is the only one among the four defending this clueless NDC government. So let’s be honest to ourselves.Ghanaians are feeling the pain but some ewes will rather die in their predicament than to vote for the NPP that can easily solve this.

    • Yes he’s on his tribal line, instead if him to vote for a better Ghana he’s on social media talking of second chances. He’s suffering himself, but wont admit it till mahamA starts killing. John why did you deceived us with your so called hotel and weave shop at the mall? Everything about you turns to be a lie. Ayigbe man with less brain.

  4. Mr. Dumelo have you seen what the lies and plenty talk has brought you? Maybe you should put this article on your instagram and facebook too

  5. Hmmm, this is certainly something new to me. How he was able to get away with tell such a big lie is beyond me.

  6. John has never stated anywhere that he built the hotel. He said he has a hotel, which was not a lie. It was the media that twisted his words and reported that he built it. Those words did not come from John because he knows he did not build it.

    Secondly the property does not belong to a woman as is being speculated. John rented it from a man and paid the rent in advance for a specific number of years just like all property owners collect these days in Ghana.

    Thirdly, John was never chased out. The business was rather not picking up in the bad economy Ghana is experiencing that’s why he closed it. Many many businesses have closed down in the last year alone because it is not wise for any person to run a business at a loss. It’s just logic.

    John may have his own issues which I don’t doubt but the lies about him are much more than the truth.

  7. All the jealous fools here insulting John are obvious NPP sympathizers. What is wrong with what John said? ofcourse Rome wazint built in a day. Its is a fact we are all frustrated with the current power crises ghana is facing but this problem dint start during JM regime but that does not means he is not to blame for not bin able to arrest the situation. One would have thought this power crises would have bin a thing of the past considering Kuffour’s effort to built another dam (Bui dam). That we can all agree was an attempt in futility-total waste of tax payers money. The guy just shared his opinion just like every does, that does not warrant any1 to insult him. Yes Rome was not built in a day, if we have to suffer dumsor today while our blocked headed leaders finds a lasting solution 2 this problem, then so be it. And for all you jealous fools on this page, get yourselves a job.

  8. Come on guys whoever without sin be first to cast a stone who is holly or righteous here, we all make mistakes in life one way or the other and by the way when u rent a house or an apt it belongs to you at the moment until you are asked to move out, so whats big deal about all that, he said this or that, why is it that we Africans enjoy when issues occurs instead of finding a better way of helping the individual out of it, please grow up!

  9. So what is Maselo owners names ? And what happened to their relationship just curious if your implication is true. Please clarify a little more.

    • John LOVES rich women simply because he likes to reap where he has not sown as Anas clearly said. It is a very serious problem he has. But since he is a small boy he often forgets those kind of women are smart and mature. it doesn’t take them too long to catch and expose you. That is what happened. He was even dating another rich lady in east legon at the same time. The hotel lady eventually threw him out like the dog that he is. It will not be fair to mention names but if you go to the hotel at spintex (Near Papaye) today, you will know who she is.

  10. John Dumelo been visiting US so often, only people with cash could do so, why such pretense/ or is this media story just to tarnish his name, i still don’t understand..

    • Most of the tickets John uses to come to America are PAID FOR by event organizers. He is often in America because there is an event of some sort. it is not from his own pocket that he travels the way he often does. When there is an event he has to attend or host, then the event organizers and promoters are responsible for his ticket and accommodation. I have worked with him before so I know very well. He demanded that we buy business class ticket on emirates so we did.


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